Goodrich coffee bar to remain in current location for 2016-17 year

Goodrich coffee bar will not be relocated for renovation until after the 2016-17 year. Emory Strawn/Photo Editor.

The Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, the Office of Student Life (OSL) and Goodrich Coffee Bar (GCB) management have all confirmed separately to the Record that GCB will remain in Goodrich Hall for the 2016-17 academic year. This decision came after the Committee on Priorites and Resources (CPR) decided to push back its renovation of the space until the summer of 2017, a project that would have forced GCB to relocate to Dodd House for the year.

“The Coffee Bar will be open next year,” Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer Fred Puddester said. “The delay in the project will … give [OSL] an additional year to plan for the year Goodrich will be offline.” Puddester cites the recent economic tumult financial markets have experienced since the beginning of the year as the basis for the delay of Goodrich Hall’s renovation. “We are working with the [CPR] to prudently adjust the [fiscal year] 2017 budget to respond to the recent market downturn. We determined this project could be delayed one year,” Puddester said. The project, when it does occur, is expected to cost the College $3 million and provide the building with its first structural renovation in its 157-year history, involving extensive renovations to the space’s framing and foundation. [See “College plans nearly $300 million in construction projects,” Sept. 23, 2015].

After receiving word from Facilities late last week of the project’s delay, Associate Director for Student Organizations and Involvement Benjamin Lamb, who serves as the administra-tive overseer of GCB’s operations, informed the student-run business’ management team that they will get at least another year in Goodrich Hall before needing to take up a temporary residence elsewhere on campus. “We are now planning on Goodrich being available for use during the 2016-17 academic year and being offline for the summer of 2017 until at least the end of the spring semester of 2018,” Lamb said. “This should have no impact on the Goodrich Coffee Bar in the long-term; it simply means that a temporary location plan won’t be implemented until the building goes offline for renovations a year later than we’d originally anticipated.” Lamb sees no reason that, following the completion of the Hall’s renovation, GCB would not return to its current home.

GCB management is deeply satisfied that they will not have to worry about relocating its business for at least another year. “Goodrich will be in Goodrich next year,” supply manager Rob Hefferon ’18 said. “We are ecstatic about how this will allow us to work on continuing to expand our services and test out new uses of the space during the next year. To the best of management’s knowledge, Goodrich Hall will remain open for the duration of the 2016-17 school year, although we do not know at this time what the coffee bar’s operations will look like in the following year. Management would like to acknowledge that all of this, as with all construction projects at this college, could change between now and the start of next school year, but we have strong reason to believe that this information will not change.”

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