Adminstration cuts staff vacation time

Beginning in the next fiscal year, the number of vacation days per year for library and dining services administrative staff will gradually decrease to from 30 to 22.

All current library and dining services administrative staff receive 30 vacation days a year; however, all administrative staff in other departments receive 22 vacation days a year.

“We felt it was important to treat all our employees fairly and provide the same number of vaca-tion days,” Vice President for Finance and Administration Fred Puddester said. However, he did not know why the discrepancy in vacation days between administrative staff in different departments existed in the first place.

Starting July 1, the beginning of the next fiscal year, the number of vacation days will drop to 27. In the following years, the number will decrease to 25 and then finally to 22.

Karen Gorss Benko, Catalog Librarian, described the change as “a surprise, but not a happy one…We were told, not asked about the decrease,” she said. She added that library staff explained that they opposed the decrease, but noted they had no further way of challenging the change.

While the decrease “is a loss,” Benko still believes the vacation package is “generous.”

In addition to vacation days, all staff members receive time off for a winter break from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day and a number of other holidays throughout the year.

The winter break policy is relatively new, so some library and dining services administrative staff, including Benko, who were hired prior to its creation, will have a similar amount of days off per year as to what they had originally.

The College is not making any changes to the amount of vacation time for support staff. Across all departments, vacation time for support staff is 20 days a year, including support staff in library and dining services.

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