Ephs ski to sixth at Dartmouth Carnival

Nick Gardner ’19 skied to 21st place for the Ephs at the Dartmouth Carnival. Photo courtesy of Peter Hoenig.
Nick Gardner ’19 skied to 21st place for the Ephs at the Dartmouth Carnival. Photo courtesy of Peter Hoenig.

This weekend, skiing raced at the Dartmouth Carnival, placing  sixth out of 15 teams, as a result of the strong third place finish of the men’s Nordic team. During a weekend of freezing temperatures, the team finished behind the University of Vermont and Dartmouth, who came in first and second respectively, as well as NESCAC rivals Middlebury and Colby.

For the giant slalom, women’s alpine placed ninth overall. Hannah Hunsaker ’19 was the first scorer for the Ephs in 18th place. Hunsaker posted a time of 59.05 seconds for her first run and improved in her second look at the course, crossing the line in 58.23 seconds. With a total time of 1:57.28, she was merely four seconds off the first place time of 1:53.30. The next scorer for the Ephs was Grace Merriman ’19, who placed 39th overall. Merriman’s total time was 2.03.16. The third and final scorer for the Ephs in women’s alpine was Gibson Donnan ’19, who placed 42nd overall. At 2:04.01, her time continued the trend of strong underclassmen finishes for the women.

In the slalom, the Ephs improved to seventh overall, once again led by Hunsaker, who placed fifth with runs of 48.89 and 50.47 for a total time of 1:39.36. Donnan once again contributed to the Ephs’ success as their second scorer for the event, placing 37th with a total time of 1:47.88. The final scorer for the women was Megan Greiner ’18, who placed 39th, with a total time of 1:48.38.

Men’s alpine placed 12th in the giant slalom, paced by top scorer Bryan Bailey ’19, who placed 40th with a total time of 1.56.01. Bailey was followed by teammate Riley Peek ’17, who finished in 44th. After a first run of 59.13 seconds, Peek dropped more than a second off his second run for a time of 57.77. Peek’s total time was 1:56.90.

After the slalom portion, the men improved to a seventh place finish overall. Bailey once again was the top finisher for the Ephs in 10th place. With times of 51.07 and a speedy 48.53 in his first and second run respectively, Bailey finished with a total time of 1:39.60, just under two seconds off the top time of the day. Other scorers for the Ephs were co-captain Marcus Talbott ’18 and  Stockton Troyer ’19, who finished in 28th and 43rd place respectively.

The women’s Nordic team placed eighth overall in the 15k classic. Hannah Benson ’17 was the top finisher for the Ephs, in a tie for 21st place with a time of 47:31.0. Benson was just under three minutes behind the top time of 44:59.0. The next finisher for the Ephs was Eliza Rorabaugh ’16, who came in at 48.02 in 29th overall. The final scorer for the women’s nordic team was Tsaina Mahlen ’17, who placed 32nd with a total time of 48:38.0.

The Men’s Nordic built on a series of strong carnivals to place third overall for the 20k classic. Eli Hoenig ’17 had an impressive finish, placing second overall. His time of 47.39.4 was just six seconds behind the first place finisher. Jack Shrupp ’18 was the next finisher in 11th place overall with a time of 48.17.2 and was followed by Braden Becker ’19, who finished in 16th with a time of 49:02.6. Nick Gardner ’19 also placed high for the Ephs, coming in at 21st.

“Eli is looking very comfortable at the front of the pack this year and it’s exciting to see his hard work and dedication paying off,” Head Coach Jason Lemieux ’01 said. “His finish this weekend matches the best ever finish for a Williams Male Nordic skier in a winter carnival race. The whole nordic team has been scoring a lot of points as of late and is pumped up to have our best results of the season at our home carnival this coming weekend…we’re still planning to rock the cow in a big way!”

Next weekend, the Ephs host the Williams Carnival in the final regular season event of their season at Jiminy Peak.

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