Figure skating club journeys across the ice

021016_IceShow1_(GraceFlaherty)_GF_COn Saturday, the College’s Figure Skating Club hosted its sixth annual ice show at Lansing Chapman Rink. The show, entitled “Journ-Ice, a Journey around the Rink,” showcased the skills and hard work of some of the College’s figure skaters and provided an entertaining evening for all.

To begin the journey-themed show, the entire group of skaters fittingly performed a medley of songs by the band Journey. It was obvious from the frequent arm linking, hand holding and all-around smiles and positivity in this first program that the members of the club thoroughly enjoy skating together. After this first group performance, various members of the club skated in both solo and group routines. Luis Urrea ’16 and David Vascones ’18 acted as announcers for these performances and provided commentary sprinkled with topical humor throughout the show.

Each of the evening’s group routines was interesting in its own way. One highlight was a partner routine to Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” from Pitch Perfect by Erin Cohn ’19 and Elizabeth Jacobsen ’16. The two skaters began and ended by sitting on the ice and doing the Cup Song from the movie, adding a unique twist to their graceful set.

Four members of the College’s a cappella group, the Aristocows, performed another less traditional routine. Iona Binnie ’19, Aglaia Ho ’17, Taylor Knoble ’18 and Emily Stump ’18 skated in a quirky routine set to “They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard,” an internet meme created by Erwin Beekveld and inspired by Lord of the Rings. All four skaters clearly had a lot of fun with this program – they were all smiles as they posed, pantomimed the lyrics and even slammed against the glass at the end of the routine.

Cohn, Anna Kim ’19 and Serapia Kim ’19 performed in the evening’s third group performance to Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke.” All three first-years had fun with this jazzy number, swaying and clapping to the beat throughout the performance.

Many members of the club also performed solo programs. Anjali Pai ’19 skated energetically to “Canyon Moon” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Pai made her routine, full of graceful spirals, spins and jumps, look easy despite its obvious level of difficulty. Moreover, she seemed passionate about her work; from  the way she sang the song’s lyrics to herself as she skated, it was clear that the music inspired her.

Ho, who performed a solo routine to Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper,” similarly showed a mastery of spins, arabesque spirals and jumps. Ho worked well with her music choice and allowed it to inform her pace and emotion throughout the program.

Sarah McLaughlin ’19 performed a solo program to “Cecilia and the Satellite,” also by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. McLaughlin skated with passion, and her routine was a success – some highlights included impressive spins and graceful lunges.

Diana Sanchez ’17 also skated beautifully to Timbaland’s “The Way I Are.” Sanchez’s routine displayed an unmistakable confidence; she clearly knew what she was doing and had command of the ice. Some highlights of her routine included a speedy sit spin and incredible arabesque spirals.

Jacobsen, a graduating member and president of the club, performed two routines for her final ice show at the College. Her first program, set to Disney’s “I Can Go the Distance,” featured a series of impressive jumps, rapid spins and graceful spirals. This routine also included some intricate footwork, demonstrating Jacobsen’s skill and hard work on the routine. Her second performance, and last hurrah on the College’s rink, was set to Michael Giacchino theme from the 2009 film Star Trek and further displayed her skill and the accomplishments of her skating career. Jacobsen’s final routine was a true success; she reached the ice on her sit spins and got some serious air in her jumps.

To conclude the journey-themed ice show, the entire club performed another group routine titled “Journey of Love Medley.” To the tune of a series of love songs, the skaters again reminded the audience of their camaraderie, linking arms and smiling widely. The finale included impressive skating moves, such as gliding together in a large circle, as well as some fun dancing and snapping to the music. After their final bow, all of the skaters took a victory lap to Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and invited audience members to participate in free open skating on the rink.

The Ice Show was an exciting evening for all. The audience, made up of supportive spectators, cheered and clapped anytime a skater jumped or spun. This energy was contagious – whenever a skater tripped or fell, the audience’s encouraging cheers motivated her to brush off the error and keep on skating. Although there were a few such blunders, all of the skaters had positive attitudes; many struck ironic poses upon falling, and one even pantomimed brushing the fall off of her shoulder.

The way that many skaters didn’t take themselves too seriously and kept up their positivity in the face of adversity was admirable and made the show all the more enjoyable. The Figure Skating Club, which also mentioned that it is looking for new members and will be tabling in Paresky on Thursday for sign-ups, put on a great show and is sure to continue delighting the College.

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