Log extends lunch hours to include Monday to Thursday

On Jan. 18, the Log began offering new lunch hours and an alternative menu.

Lunch service begins at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday through Thursday for the public. On Friday, the Log does not open until 3 p.m. due to the Log Lunch Series. Students will not recieve the 30-percent discount during new weekday lunch hours.

“It was always our plan to roll out lunch after the holiday break,” Vice President of Campus Life Steve Klass said. “It’s not unusual to take an iterative approach when it comes to building out services in a mixed-use hospitality spot like the Log.”

The lunch menu is comprised of customizable salads and sandwich combinations along with items from the dinner menu that are served all day. “I think the best aspect of opening lunch is that it means the building itself  is open and available to students to just be in there,” said Klass. “They can grab something to eat and drink if they want, but they can also just hang out in the space.”

According to Klass, customers have received lunch well so far. The Log management is unable to determine who the main customers will be at this hour, but it appears that faculty, staff, students and community members have all been taking advantage of the new hours.

“Everyone involved with managing aspects of the Log has been really pleased with the way things have been going along every dimension since opening,” Klass said.

He said that the management, Hops and Vines, has been working out well in terms of food and service, business volume, use of the Log and planning of student events. According to him, the Log appears to embody the goals and visions put forth by the committees in charge of planning the renovations and changes. Students, faculty and staff have used the facility. Faculty members have been utilizing the space for classes and individual student meetings, which was one of the original visions.

Many students are also using the space for evening events.

“Evenings continue to go well, especially Trivia and Karaoke nights, which have been building momentum from week to week, and it’s been great to see how well student performers have been drawing [students in],” Klass said. “One of my favorite moments was receiving texts with pictures of the Log completely packed with animated fans of all ages watching our women win the national soccer championship game that was being streamed onto the screen over the central fireplace.”

Klass encourages students to continue to use the place as a hang out and study spot without the pressures of having to purchase anything, something the Hops and Vines management has been supportive of.

“The Hops and Vines management team has been remarkably supportive of that use of the facility and have been overall fantastic partners in figuring out how to improve the Log experience for students and all of our customers,” Klass said.

Hops and Vines has already altered the dinner menu according to student suggestions. Both menus are available on the Log’s website. Klass said that at this point lunch is reserved primarily for dining. “At this point, we don’t expect to plan events or activities during the lunch hour,” Klass said, “but we’ll see what wants to happen and figure out how best to support it.”

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