One in 2000: Jordan Carfino

Emmy Maluf/ Opinion Editor Joran Carfina '18
Emmy Maluf/ Opinion Editor
Joran Carfina ’18

I first met Jordan Carfino ’18 when we served on Frosh Council together last year. Right off the bat, she was one of the sweetest, friendliest and most fun-loving people I had ever met. Luckily, commiserating over the unquantifiable number of hours we spent together organizing the Spoons game made us fast friends. This week, I sat down with Carfino to talk with her about her Californian roots and her adventures so far at the College.

So, I know you went to an all-girls high school. What was that like?

Well, my parents went to single-sex schools, so there was like no chance for me to go to a co-ed school. [Laughs.] But, I mean, I loved it. It was 84 girls, but we all got along pretty well, so I had no complaints. They’re some of my best friends.

Did you have any weird traditions?

Well, we were Catholic, so we had Mass, but that’s not a weird tradition; that was just religious stuff. [Laughs.] Oh, we had cookies. Like, everywhere. All the time. It was bad. But they were really good cookies.

That sounds awesome. So I know you’re from California, and I heard that you drove all the way here at the beginning of this year.

I did! So I drove with Maddy [Abrahams ’18] – she went to another high school in my area. Actually, her best friend from high school was my best friend from middle school. We didn’t meet until [coming to the College], but yeah she wanted her car here, and she was like, “Would you want to drive cross-country?” And I was like, “Yeah, let’s do it!” So we took a week. We stopped in Cleveland for a few days to visit an entrymate. It was fun! We had some road food; listened to a lot of songs, a lot of mixtapes, a lot of audiobooks … It was really nice!

That sounds really fun! Speaking of your summer adventures – I hear you also ran a half-marathon last summer!

I did, it was so horrible … My mom is an avid runner and I’ve always been super impressed that she’s so old [laughs] and can still run miles around me. So I mistakenly told her I wanted to run one when I went home over spring break, and she got super excited and planned our entire summer workout schedule, so I didn’t have a choice when I re-thought it a little bit. But it was nice to do it with her. It was in San Diego, and it was right by the water so it was so pretty. Not sure if I would do it again…

Not a fan of running?

Not a huge fan of running. [Laughs.] Which is weird though, because I played soccer my whole life before school. I don’t know, just running for no apparent reason doesn’t do much for me.

I really get that. So would you say that dancing is way more your speed?

[Laughs.] Um, it wasn’t. Not until this year. Well, first I tried out for Sankofa and made a fool out of myself, but it was so much fun just learning the moves, and I was like, “Okay, well, I’ll do [Nothing But Cuties (NBC)] too.” You know, just to try out, break out on the dance floor. I got the callback and was freaking out and practiced in my room for too long [laughs] and actually showed my floormates and forgot the dance right after that. I went to the auditions and had to do my own choreography.

That’s scary!

Yeah, it was interesting. [Laughs.] I messed up the first time and they were like, “Do you want to do it again?” And I was like, “Yes please!” They were super sweet. And I actually went to Albany that day, and then a friend called and was like, “Oh where are you?” And I was like, “I’m in snackbar with my entry” and she was like, “You know, you should probably go back to Gladden” and I’m like, “Really, why?” No response. [Laughs.] No response, and then all of NBC came downstairs screaming and yelling with like signs – “Welcome new Cutie” – and then we just went running around the campus to get the rest of the newbies.

That’s so fun! So you tried out completely on a whim?

Completely! I don’t dance; I never danced at home. My cousins are like professional dancers – they thought it was so funny that I joined a hip-hop group. They thought it was hilarious. But yeah, no, dancing was never really in my plans, but I’m really glad I’m doing it. The people are great. It’s a blast.

That’s awesome. So, I know you were also a Williams Outdoor Orientation for Living as First-Years (WOOLF) leader.

I was! I hadn’t really been backpacking before [the College], but I loved my WOOLF group [as a first-year]. I had amazing leaders and my group stayed super close, so I wanted that again. Meeting new people, all the [first-years] – we had 10; we were Beginning Backpacking, so B2. I think three miles is the most we did. [Laughs.] But we had a good time! They were so quiet at first. I was really nervous that they didn’t like me or my co or like each other, but I think after the first day they got more comfortable and then they wouldn’t shut up, so, you know, that was nice. [Laughs.] No, they’re great.

And your entry was also really close, right?

Yes – D4! Also great [Junior Advisors (JAs)], which I think always helped. And also in Mission I feel like it’s easier to be a close entry, just like with the common rooms. We were always in the common room watching cheesy chick flicks with the guys, which they said they hated, but they loved them. Okay, they watched High School Musical totally on their own; it wasn’t even the girls pushing that movie. [Laughs.] Well I’m living with one entrymate [this year]; one is in Gladden all the time because I force her to come over. There’s a big group in [Tyler] Annex that we see a lot just because they come to Gladden and we’re like, “Just come stay; you can spend the night; it’s fine!”

Speaking of your entry – I hear they made a Facebook page for you.

[Laughs.] I should’ve known this would come up! Yes, there is a Facebook page – it’s the Jordan Carfino Fan Page…

Everyone follow it!

[Laughs.] Or not, that’s cool too. Marcus [Christian ’16], my JA, – after I changed my Facebook profile picture and I got a few likes – was like, “Jordan, you’re so popular; you should have a fan page.” And I mistakenly told him to go for it. So that night he made a fan page, invited all of our mutual friends, and so, yeah, there’s a fan page. I’m not allowed on it – I’ve seen it, because I stole someone’s phone, but no, I’m not an active member. [Laughs.] Apparently now it’s popping up on the side as a suggested group too!

Like, if you’re a part of the Williams Class of 2018 group?

Yes, exactly! So, one person in NBC found it and she posted it in the NBC group, so I was like, “Cool, everyone can see this.” And it’s not mean stuff – the posts I did read were really funny – but I don’t know why it’s interesting! [Laughs.]

Your laughing is a big part of the fandom, I would say.

[Laughs.] I’ve had multiple texts and phone calls saying that either I need to stop laughing so loud because people can hear me across the quad, or from outside Gladden when I’m inside of Gladden. Yeah, apparently it’s super loud. [Laughs.] And often, too. I laugh a lot. It probably gets annoying to some people. [Laughs.] Like, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning; maybe she needs to be quiet. But like, no one’s said anything bad – at least to me.

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