Letter to the Editor: On censorship

To the Editor:

Olivia Goodheart [’18] and Marissa Levin Shapiro [’18] write, “Students already encounter anti-feminism every day at the College, and no matter your opinion on free speech, uncomfortable learning or promoting dialogues, this is unacceptable” (“Our ‘liberal’ campus,” Oct. 28). Agreed! Here is A Modest Proposal: the College should form a committee, including students like Goodheart and Shapiro, which would create a list of “anti-feminism” ideas. Any person supporting these ideas would be banned from campus. Applications for admission from high school students who are devout Catholics should be rejected. Teaching applications from Orthodox Jews should be discarded. Any student or professor who espouses “anti-feminism” or “sexism” or “misogyny,” as defined by Goodheart and Shapiro, should be removed from campus. Such behavior is inconsistent with the College’s Code of Conduct. It is “unacceptable” that students should “encounter” such people and views at the College.

David Kane ’88

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