Captains’ Corner: Emma Grauberger ’16

Emma Grauberger ’16

Emma Grauberger ’16

Field hockey

Chevy Chase, Md.

Residence: East

When did you first start playing field hockey?

I started playing field hockey on a team for the first time in seventh grade, but I probably played for the first time in fourth grade PE class. I played on my high school’s team, and I also played on a club team outside of school with my high school coach. We would play all-year-round, including a fun indoor season in the winter.

And you’re originally from D.C.? How was playing with the weather?

It was never that cold in the fall. It’s a lot worse here. I don’t think I ever wore an Under Armour in D.C. playing field hockey. One funny thing is that, over Thanksgiving, my club team would go to this big tournament in Phoenix, Ariz., called Festival. It’s a huge tournament that everybody who plays field hockey in America goes to. It’s ridiculous. It was this huge deal because you wouldn’t have Thanksgiving with your family, and instead you would be with your Festival team for the four- or five-day break. It was always so much fun, and the warm weather was great.

So your team must have gotten super close?

Yeah, especially because it was a lot of people I played with on my high school team, so it was kind of just the same people but outside of school. But a fun fact is that there was this one girl who played with our Festival team really randomly who was one of the top field hockey recruits for our year. The [University of] Maryland and [University of North Carolina] coaches were fighting over her, and they were the top field hockey schools in the country. It was really crazy to get to play with her.

So I know your shoe shopping experience is different than most people’s. Can you tell me a little bit about that, or how you go about shopping for turfs?

I wear children’s turfs. I wear a size two-and-a-half shoe. [Laughs.] The kids’ turfs are the exact same as the adult ones, but they’re just really bad quality and wear out really quickly. They also have sort of a fat baby foot shape.

Has that been hard? Are you just constantly buying new shoes?

I got over that long ago when I stopped growing in third grade. [Cautiously laughs.] They are a lot cheaper, though.

I hear you may be able to give Aaron Carter a run for his money.

Oh. Yes. I love to perform “Aaron’s Party” by Aaron Carter. It is probably my favorite song, and I know every word, obviously.

Where have you performed it in the past?

At field hockey events mostly. I like to perform for my team and really anyone around

And how did a song like “Aaron’s Party” become your favorite? I feel like I haven’t heard it in a while.

My brother got the Aaron Carter CD back when it came out, and he insisted on listening to it on repeat during long family road trips. We all hated him for it at the time, but it has really come in handy because it turns out “Aaron’s Party” is the best song ever.  [Laughs.]

Halloween was last weekend. You are famous on campus for your Oompa Loompa costume from your sophomore year. How has being an Oompa Loompa affected your subsequent Halloweens? Did you peak?

I definitely peaked with Oompa Loompa. I think that was one of the best nights of my college career when I dressed up as an Oompa Loompa. I feel it really brought out my true personality. I gotta say I was a little disappointed with my performance this year as Duck Dynasty. I love to dress up, I love costumes. Shout out to Molly Belk’s [’16] costume closet!

So now that your career as an in-season college athlete is over, are you excited to be doing anything post-field hockey at the College that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?

What is life without field hockey? I want to take a spin class over Winter Study. Also, some of us have gotten into the idea of doing post-season pool workouts. And I gotta say, I love to lift. I think I’m going to be visiting [Head Strength and Conditioning Coach] Rob Livingstone, and I’ll try not to get kicked out for being too old.

Are you excited to be in Boston post-Williams?

Yes! I’m really excited to be close to my Williams network. There are a lot of great people in Boston, including field hockey alumnae. I’m also happy because I’ll be close enough to come back for games next season. And I will be back for those games. I might try to play. [Laughs.] I don’t think anyone will notice.

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