Spring Street Blues 10-19-15 to 10-25-15

Monday 10-19-15

11:07 a.m. Morgan Hall: An officer responded to the crossing of Route 2 and Spring Street for a report of a drone about to launch. The officer found a male in front of Morgan Hall flying the drone. Federal law controls drone flights within five miles of an airport.  The officer verified the operator was in compliance concerning appropriate notifications to the local airport and that he had the appropriate liability insurance.

9:18 p.m. Morgan Hall: An officer assisted a student with bees flying around his room. Officers removed three bees, but several more had flown out from a crack in the wall. The student decided to sleep in a different location for the night to avoid being stung. Campus Safety and Security (CSS) offered assistance in finding the student an alternate place to sleep. CSS submitted a work order for pest control to have the room checked in the morning.

Wednesday 10-21-15

12:26 a.m. Sloan House: CSS responded to a fire alarm in a second-floor bedroom. CSS activated 911 immediately upon determining the odor of burnt plastic and a haze of smoke. The Williamstown Fire Department responded.  Once on site, the Fire Chief and firefighters took control of the incident. CSS made on-call notifications.

11:35 a.m. Spencer House: The mother of a student asked that CSS check on her daughter. She was concerned because she had not been able to make contact with the student. An officer went to the student’s room and advised that she call her mother.

8:59 p.m. Garfield House: Officers met a student who reported a vehicle that was over the banking and on the lawn. The vehicle was resting on its frame and could not drive off. CSS called a tow truck, which responded and pulled the vehicle out. The vehicle did a minimal amount of damage to the lawn. The officer took photos for a report.

Thursday 10-22-15

9:42 a.m. Science Quad: An officer responded to a student reporting a skunk stuck in a window well in front of Thompson Biology Labs. CSS also contacted Facilities. Architectural Trades responded with a two-inch by six-inch by eight-foot board, placed as a ramp, which would hopefully allow the skunk to walk up the board to get out.

Friday 10-23-15

9:50 a.m. The Health Center requested a welfare check on a student who missed an appointment that morning.

11:54 a.m. Lynde Lane: An officer responded to a report of a minor motor vehicle accident on Lynde Lane. CSS notified WPD, who arrived. The owners exchanged information, but damage was minimal and they were not concerned with it going any further.  There were no personal injuries or damage to College property.

Saturday 10-24-15

12:35 a.m Paresky: CSS received a report of a student with a broken nose.  Upon arrival officers found a student washing his face in the men’s room. The student had facial lacerations and an injured wrist.  Officers immediately began first aid, applying a splint to his wrist and gauze pads on his facial lacerations. North Adams Ambulance transported the student to Berkshire Medical Center North.

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