Counting down top drinking games

September 16, 2015 by Eva Fourakis, Editor-in-Chief

Now that some drinking games are allowed at the College, it’s the perfect time to provide the student body with a definitive ranking of said games. Obviously, it’s impossible to rank every drinking game, so the following is just a brief selection ranging from card games to dice games to pong games to word games. Next time you and your friends are arguing over what game to play on a Friday night, look no further than this list.

1. Pong and its variants

It seems blasphemous to rank pong anywhere but first. It’s a classic that almost everyone knows how to play. It requires a fair level of skill and is ideal for a tournament. Furthermore, its numerous variants, including 21 cup and civil war mean that it’s impossible to get bored with the basic premise.

2. Ride the bus

Though it requires little skill and mostly relies on lucky guesswork, this game is still a crowd pleaser. It can be played with a lot of people (maximum of 10) and the stakes get higher with each round. Plus, who doesn’t love a game that ends with one person arbitrarily having to decide his or her own fate?

3. Text or drink

This game is less well-known, but just as much fun. It involves writing texts from another person’s phone and then giving that person the choice between sending said text and taking a lengthy drink. The best part of this game is definitely the mandatory 24-hour waiting period before the texter can tell the textee that it was all a game, which can cause great fun and confusion.

4. Land mines

A great game for those who want to talk and socialize while playing, “land mines” is simple and allows each player to determine how much they want to drink. However, often times players gang up on one player, which is either a downfall or an upside to the game, depending on whether you’re on the receiving end of this action or not.

5. Movie/TV drinking games

This is such a versatile premise. Choose a movie or TV show and make up some rules. Then drink every time a rule says you must. This is a great way to start the night, and who doesn’t love some added entertainment during a drinking game? Just be careful not to make too many rules!

6. Arrogance

As the name suggests, this game quickly zeros in on the most arrogant person in the room. Fill the cup as much as you want and then flip a coin. You either drink, or the cup passes to the next person. A downside to this game is that no matter how little you put in the cup, if the people before you filled it high and then got lucky, you may still end up drinking a decent amount.

7. Cheers to the governor

Another classic game, “Cheers to the governor” ranks low for two reasons. First, it’s really not that difficult to play and be good at, and second, people always struggle to come up with new rules. The latter reason makes the game proceed at a shockingly slow pace, putting a slight downer on the night ahead.

8. Horseracing

Less well-known of the games listed here is “horse racing.” It’s too long to explain, so google it, but just remember that if you want to play this game and have a good time, all spectators have to get really into it. Name the “horses” funny names and go all out cheering for them; otherwise it’s one person moving cards up and down a table, which is an obviously sad sight.

9. Kings

Some may be shocked to see this party staple so low on the list. It’s not that it’s not fun, it’s just that it gets really old, really quickly. It’s also only a good game at the beginning of the night, so “Kings” loses points for its lack of versatility. The fact that people struggle to come up with new rules, just as in “Cheers to the governor,” only pushes this game lower on the list.

10. Never have I ever

Coming in last is “Never have I ever.” A polarizing game – some love it, some hate it – it comes in last due to the potential discomfort that players feel while playing it. It’s basically an opportunity to find out what other people have done without blatantly asking them and can make people with less experience in certain areas of life feel badly or left out, while making others feel extremely uncomfortable. Drinking games are supposed to be fun for all, and this one certainly is not.

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WOW September 19, 2015 at 1:16 pm

How could you forgot the most important, best drinking game known to man: Chandies? It certainly ranks above 2-10 and is arguably better than 1. It’s very inclusive, involves less drinking (on average for most players), and is loads of fun.


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