College Council clarifies bylaws regarding Superfan

Last Wednesday, College Council (CC) updated its bylaws to clarify the role of Superfan as a CC subcommittee. CC added three points to its bylaws to address the absence of regulation regarding Superfan.

The first bylaw states that Superfan will have two presidents, selected by the previous year’s council, and one representative from CC. The second states that Superfan leadership will attend CC meetings at the beginning and end of each semester to provide updates and discuss goals. The last describes Superfan’s current process of scheduling its events by coordinating with team captains at its own discretion.

“[The resolution] just gave Superfan the place it was supposed to have in the bylaws,” said CC Co-President Jesus Espinoza ’16. He said that CC has no problems with how Superfan is operating and only wanted to codify the relationship between CC and Superfan into institutional memory.

Prior to the resolution that updated the bylaws, Superfan was the only CC subcommittee with no CC members on its board. It operated “like any other student organization, with little to no deference attributed to its de jure CC subcommittee status,” said Funmi Adejobi ’17, who worked on the resolution. It will continue to operate in much the same way, with the addition of a CC member to the subcommittee.

Ryan Barry ’15, outgoing president of Superfan, worked with Adejobi to clarify Superfan’s relationship with CC. The CC representative, he said, will be responsible for “understanding Superfan, knowing the people involved in it and being available to discuss Superfan’s perspective, agenda and goals in the CC room.”

Aside from the presidential roles and the CC representative, Superfan’s member recruitment process is not written into the bylaws; all members of the student body are still welcome to join Superfan. Barry said that while it is necessary for Superfan “to be more active in recruiting members of the student body,” it is helpful that the recruitment process is not set in the bylaws because that would be “somewhat restricting.”

Barry said that the resolution came about as conversations began about Superfan’s role in the community, as well as its aims and structure. He remembered having similar discussions three years ago when a CC co-president founded Superfan, and both he and CC wanted to make sure that the same questions would not resurface every two years. He believes that the committee has worked in an “on the fly” manner for most of its existence, and after three years, its leadership has “come to a lot of conclusions about what works and doesn’t work.” He foresees the next year being the most effective Superfan has ever had.

“It’s been quite a process,” he said, “but I think we’re in better shape than ever.”

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