Admissions reports 46 percent yield rate for class of 2019

Yield percentage.
Yield percentage. Michael Green/News Editor via
How Class of 2019 students were admitted
How Class of 2019 students were admitted. Michael Green/News Editor
Racial breakdown of American students
Racial breakdown of American students. Michael Green/News Editor

As of May 1, 535 of 1187 admitted students had paid their deposits to take their spots in the class of 2019, for an overall yield of 46 percent. Of these 535 students, 244 were admitted in early decision, while 291 were admitted  in regular decision. The regular decision yield was 32 percent.

While there was an increase in applicants for the Class of 2019 over for the Class of 2018, Director of Admission Richard Nesbitt ’74 does not believe there is any relationship between the number of applicants for a class and its future composition.

“If the number of applicants goes up or down by 500, it really has no impact on the ultimate class,” Nesbitt said.

Two students have already asked to take a gap year, and Nesbitt expects another 15 more to take gap years, causing “melt,” as Nesbitt referred to a decreasing number of students enrolling in the class of 2019 from those who paid deposits by May 1. There will also be additional melt when students are admitted and accept offers from other colleges’ waitlists.

“We try to come up a bit short [in class size] and build from there,” said Nesbitt.

In order for the Class of 2019 to meet the target size of 550 students, students will be admitted off the College’s waitlist. A handful of students have already been admitted off the waitlist, and, as melt increases, more students will be admitted off the waitlist. Nesbitt anticipates that the final composition of the class will be determined by July 1. This means that by that date, all offers of admission from the waitlist will have already been extended and a sufficient amount of students would have accepted them.

Of the students who have paid their deposits, 273 are male and 262 are female, a 51 to 49 ratio.

Nesbitt expects the final class to be composed of 38 percent of American students of color. He expects the class to be 12 percent black, 15 percent Asian American, 11 percent Latino and one percent Native American. Additionally, nine percent of the class is expected to be international students. First-generation students, meaning neither parent graduated from a four-year college, will amount to 16 percent of the class. One student is a Navy SEAL.

“We’re very pleased with the diversity – geographic, racial, socioeconomic – of the class [of 2019],” said Nesbitt.

Since the Class of 2019 is not finalized yet, some data remains unavailable, such as the number of students admitted through the QuestBridge program.

  • Ruth

    This is very exciting news. Williams, the College where the mind merges with artistic talent and nature.
    Have two students from Utah waiting to receive offers from the waitlist. I can’t seem to find the stats for how many have been admitted from Utah.

    Six years of studying 12 hours a day has to pay off.

    Good luck to all who were admitted to this school. I am sure that all of you will make the most of this opportunity and make Williams shine!

    BTW. This waitlist is a LOT harder on the parent than the students.

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