Mash, bash, Cash Cash: EDM group plays Lasell

At last Friday's Spring Fling, Cash Cash put on a high-energy concert that kept students dancing. Arjun Kakkar/Photo Editor.
At last Friday’s Spring Fling, Cash Cash put on a high-energy concert that kept students dancing. Arjun Kakkar/Photo Editor.
Last Friday night, electronic dance music (EDM) group Cash Cash packed Lasell Gym for an energetic Spring Fling concert. After an upbeat opening performance by rapper IshDARR that skillfully warmed up the crowd, Cash Cash took the stage and played for about an hour and a half.

This year’s concert was an especially well-attended Spring Fling, with the gym already filled to capacity not long into Cash Cash’s set. Die-hard fans of the EDM group (and/or students who didn’t realize so many people would actually show up on time to the event) waited outside in the unseasonably bitter cold to enter Lasell. The show’s impressive attendance may have had less to do with the campus’s anticipation of the artists, however, and more to do with it being the first Spring Fling in two years to actually be held on a weekend.

Cash Cash was perhaps an underwhelming choice for this year’s concert. With the exception of its breakout single, “Take Me Home,” the trio is not terribly well known and, as an EDM group, does not necessarily “play” its music live like a non-electronic artist. It could be argued that Cash Cash’s Spring Fling performance was something of a glorified First Fridays with an extra-pricey DJ. While there may be some validity to that claim, All Campus Entertainment (ACE) deserves credit for sticking to its survey results and satisfying the student body’s demand for dance music. And despite the similarities, this Spring Fling was much more than just a weekend dance party. Cash Cash, with significant help from ACE, managed to create a fun, festival-like experience within the confines of Lasell, complete with the requisite mosh pit shoving.

Much of the night’s high-energy success was thanks to its high-energy atmosphere. Lasell Gym was entirely transformed by the staging and lighting. Cash Cash performed from a tall, looming controller that took up a large chunk of the stage’s center. Colorful, sweeping spotlights and generous use of strobe lights allowed audience members to forget they were dancing on a basketball court. Above the stage was a huge screen showing dizzying patterns and random, trippy images, adding to the concert’s EDM-festival feel and sensory overload. A hearty applause, too, goes to the Health Center for wisely discouraging the use of Molly at the show in Daily Messages.

EDM as a genre may have been a bit heavy for those used to the pop music of typical First Fridays, but the crowd was inarguably enjoying Cash Cash’s sound. While audience members nodded and bounced to IshDARR’s opening raps, they danced as a wild, thrashing mass once Cash Cash took the stage. The group enthusiastically encouraged the crowd throughout the night as they switched from mix to mix. Their songs were, to a certain degree, indistinguishable from one another, but that was not necessarily a con; the consistency of the set kept the audience’s energy at a constant high, as did the artists themselves. Their blending of catchy female vocals into pounding electronic bass kept their set from becoming too aggressively dubstep-y. The recognizable “Take Me Home” was strategically used to close the night, likely both because of the content of its chorus and to encourage those in the crowd “waiting until they play that one song I know” to stay until the end.

While Cash Cash may not have had the anticipation of a big name and lacked the intimacy of a live-music performer, its concert was nonetheless the ultimate dance party, setting the bar high if not for future Spring Flings, then for future First Fridays.

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