Student finds top campus Instagram spots

With its incredible natural beauty, gorgeous architecture and historic landmarks, the College is any Instagrammer’s dream. The key to taking good Instagrams on campus is simply being in the right place at the right time. Catching a sunset over Paresky Lawn or Frosh Quad after a fresh snowfall lays the foundation for a great photograph. This list of the best campus places to Instagram will provide you will all of the tips and tricks you need to post a great photo. Now that spring is quickly approaching, Williamstown will soon be blossoming with ample Instagram opportunities.

After you’ve taken the photo you hope to Instagram, the editing is the final and most important step. As for editing software, VSCO Cam and Afterlight are two apps that let you manually adjust your photo’s composition and offer a solid variety of filters. Instagram also recently updated to allow for more comprehensive editing within the app and a wider variety of filters. When taking landscape photos or panoramas, one great tool is an app like InstaSize that gives your photos a simple white frame that you can then import directly into Instagram.

Geotagging and captioning can be an Instagrammer’s worst nightmare. A general rule of thumb when struggling for a witty caption is: less is more. Don’t put too many hashtags that clutter your followers’ feeds or too many emojis that distract from your photo. Anything College-themed, like purple and gold hearts or cows, is always a safe option.

Below is the definitive ranking of the top five best places to take your Instagram photo on campus:

1. West Arch/Stairs 

The oldest building on campus, West’s historical beauty and quintessential ivy provides the foundation for a great instagram. The key to revamping this iconic photo is to take this photo during the peak of fall or winter. Getting the changing leaves or sparkling snow flurries will take your photo to the next level. One key to editing this photo is straightening and centering it to ensure that the gates and stairs are level. Additionally, increasing contrast and sharpening your photo will ensure that the iconic “Climb High, Climb Far…” is a focal point of your photo.

2. Paresky Lawn  

Paresky Lawn is one of the most Instagrammed spots on campus because of its access to views of sweeping sunsets and the scenic purple mountains. The white steeple of the First Congregational Church is a great feature of this location and is a great backdrop for changing light. Walking to the center of the lawn during a sunset to whip out your phone is definitely embarrassing, but your Instagram will thank you.

3. Stony Ledge/Mount Greylock 

Stony Ledge offers Instagrammers a great opportunity to flaunt their panorama skills and hiking abilities as well as the Berkshires’ incredible views. Stony Ledge is heavily featured in the fall due to the vibrant foliage and clear blue skies. It is most commonly Instagrammed during Mountain Day and gives students the perfect backdrop of fall in the Berkshires.

4.Griffin/Hopkins/Chapin/Thompson all in one

A large part of the quality Instagram opportunities available at Williams are due to the stunning architecture of the historic buildings on campus. This ranking encompasses only a few of the incredible buildings on campus that are bursting with Instagram potential. Both Griffin and Hopkins look best during the spring and fall as you can boost highlights and saturation to bring out the lush greenery around the buildings as well as to showcase the classic white paint of Griffin or the red bricks of Hopkins. Chapin is the single most Instagrammed building on the College campus, and because of this fact it can be difficult to distinguish your insta from the many previous ones, especially those from the ephalum account. The gothic architecture of Thompson Chapel is also a great opportunity to put a black and white filter to use.

5. Science Quad 

Even though the science quad tree is no longer with us, the quad also has some historic buildings and is underappreciated in its ability to frame a beautiful sunset. The hills of science quad and large green allow provide the basis for showcasing the sky. The key to taking a good Instagram in science quad is timing and lighting. Make sure to catch the sun setting early enough that your Instagram is bright enough and you won’t have to overexpose a sunset that’s too dark. Additionally, not putting on a filter that is too harsh or unnatural is key to Instagramming science quad.