Letter to the Editor: Calling for clarity

To the Editor:

It is a frustrating commentary on the state of journalistic failing that the front page lead article of last week’s edition of the Record (“Emergency CC meeting annuls election,” March 4, 2015) should be lacking in appreciation for attention to structure in reporting. It is not until the sixth paragraph that the reader learns the reason for the annulment. The preceding five paragraphs maddeningly delineate peripheral details before finally addressing the triggering event.

I reviewed today’s The New York Times (March 5, 2015) to confirm or refute my contention that an essay begins with a thesis, followed by evidence, then analysis and finally conclusion. News reporting may certainly have leeway in terms of analysis and conclusion, but thesis and evidence remain critical for synthesis of the article. The Times writers have certainly learned their stuff, and it behooves Record News Editors Matt Borin ’17 and Michael Green ’18 who authored this piece to become cognizant of style before frustrating readers in the future. At the same time I wish to compliment Managing Editor Eva Fourakis ’16, author of another front-page article on that same day (“CC election campaign tactics come under fire,” March 4, 2015), for respecting the need to address the reading audience with a meaningful format.

Respectfully yours,

Jesse I. Spector M.D.