Dining Services sends out meal plan data

Dining Services released this year’s data on dining hall distribution this week.

Dining Services offers meal plans of five, 10, 14 or 21 meals per week, in addition to selling blocks of 50 meals and individual points. All students except those living in co-ops or off-campus must purchase a 21-, 14- or 10-meal plan. First-year students must purchase the 21-meal plan. In total, 1913 students registered for a meal plan in the fall, while 1857 registered for a meal plan in the spring.

This is Dining Services’ eighth consecutive year of tracking meal plan distribution.

“In fall semester 2014, both the total number of 21-meal plans, 1491, and the percentage it represents of all plans sold, 78 percent, were all-time highs for any of the past 16 semesters. Similarly in spring semester 2015, the total of 21-meal plans, 1417, is a record high for a spring semester, as is the percentage, 76 percent, of the total plans that it represents,” Steve Klass, vice president for campus life, said.

The number of students on the 14-meal plan declined from 135 to 134 from the fall to the spring, while the number of students on the 10-meal plan increased from 226 to 253. The number of students on the five-meal plan also declined, from 32 to seven. There were 29 students who purchased the 50-meal plan in the fall, while 46 students purchased this plan in in the spring.

“I think these data speak directly to the wonderful food and service that our Dining Services staff provides every day. I’m exceedingly proud of their work, and it’s particularly encouraging to see this level of satisfaction reinforced by high student engagement in the dining plan,” Klass said.

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