Captains’ Corner: Nitsan Goldstein ’15

Nitsan Goldstein ’15

Nitsan Goldstein ’15

Women’s hockey 

Ithaca, N.Y

Residence: Chadbourne

What’s your major?

Biology and Psychology.

So you’re from Israel? How did you end up in Williamstown?

Yes. I was born in Israel and then lived in California for bit and then moved back to Israel for most of elementary school and then moved to Ithaca, N.Y. We moved around a lot because of my dad’s job – he’s a veterinarian – but finally stayed in Ithaca where I went to high school! I really liked the NESCAC when I was looking at schools because I knew it would be a really good fit for me hockey-wise and school-wise. I loved Williams so much on my first visit I committed right then and there!

Where did you live in California?

I lived in Davis and Camarillo.

How did you get into playing hockey?

Since we lived in Israel and California – where hockey obviously isn’t very common – I didn’t even know what hockey was until I was 10. When we moved to Ithaca, my parents signed my brother up

for hockey and me up for figure skating. I hated it so much I cried every day. One day I was watching my brother’s game and decided that looked more fun so I told my parents I wanted to play hockey instead and loved it!

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have four pets. They occupy about 70 percent of the pictures on my phone. [I have] a dog named Koko, a dog named Ruby and two hairless cats named Fraggle and Rumple. Rumple is super cuddly and has many outfits, including a specially made purple and gold hockey jersey with my number on it.

How did you come up with those names? They’re pretty unique!

They were actually named before I met them, but if you saw them, [you’d see] the names are quite fitting.

Are hairless cats common pets?

I’m not sure how common they are, but having two vets in the

house you get to see some interesting pets. They’re not actually fully hairless – one has a mane like a lion and the other has some fuzz all over.

What’s your favorite dining hall on campus and why?

Everyone that knows me, knows I’m a super picky eater, and I get made fun of for it a lot. Location- wise, I love Driscoll because I lived in Faye sophomore year so would pretty much eat every meal there. As far as the actual food goes, I would have to say Mission because the more options there make it more likely that there will be something I like.

Exactly how picky of an eater are you?

Extremely picky. I don’t really do vegetables and definitely nothing spicy. Sometimes I’ll get a plate of food and everything on it is beige. Although I have gotten a little better since high school. I now eat whole wheat bread and sweet potato fries.