There’s snow place like Mt. Greylock

We at the Record commend the Winter Carnival Committee for planning and executing a successful Winter Carnival. We see this year’s Carnival as having incorporated many positive improvements on those of years past. Friday’s activities at Mt. Greylock Ski Club were particularly successful, and the inaugural rental of the club improved the Carnival in several ways.

Mt. Greylock’s convenient location, coupled with the frequent and accessible transportation provided by the College, made it easy for students to participate in the winter activities hosted there. Additionally, we applaud the significant student involvement in the day’s events, with Williams Outing Club (WOC) volunteers helping to ensure everything at Mt. Greylock ran smoothly. The atmosphere was positive and lively, encouraging students of all levels of skiing ability to partake in the festivities. The environment was also more inclusive than that of Jiminy Peak, where Winter Carnival activities have occurred in previous years. This was due to a plethora of activities available for students in addition to skiing, whereas events at Jiminy are more or less restricted to students who want to ski. Moreover, while Jiminy Peak offered limited numbers of ski passes, Mt. Greylock was open to an unlimited number of students.

However, one small drawback to hosting the event at Mt. Greylock was the lack of alpine ski rentals, which are available at Jiminy Peak and could perhaps be provided by WOC or by the Mt. Greylock Ski Club in the future. Also, as Winter Carnival is an ideal occasion for faculty members to spend time with students outside the classroom, we commend faculty and staff for taking part in many of the weekend’s activities, and we encourage future Winter Carnival Committees to ensure that faculty and staff are informed about and included in events.

In addition to the Mt. Greylock event, the activities that took place on campus over the course of the weekend were on the whole successful and provided students with many opportunities to take part in Winter Carnival. The themed dinner put on by Dining Services was delicious and set the tone for the rest of the weekend with its festive decorations and impressive attention to detail. Other events, including the fireworks and the meet and greet with professors’ dogs, saw high attendance in spite of the cold temperatures, which speaks to the inclusive nature of this year’s Carnival as well as its success at providing a weekend of fun in the midst of the often dismal winter.

As this year’s Winter Carnival was a great improvement from those of previous years, we at the Record encourage future Winter Carnival Committees to learn from and continue to implement the changes made to this year’s Carnival, particularly the addition of the Mt. Greylock Ski Club event. While we realize that it might not be possible to rent out Mt. Greylock Ski Club on years when the College hosts NCAA ski races, we encourage future Winter Carnival Committees to look into other nearby alternatives that foster the same inclusive environment.