Spring Street Blues 2-18-15

Tuesday 2-10-15

3:28 p.m. Campus Safety Office: A groundsman came into the CSS office to report that while plowing with a backhoe, he hit the Student Parking Only sign at Perry House. There was no damage to the vehicle, just the sign, and a work-order was placed to have the sign fixed.

Wednesday 2-11-15

12:25 p.m. President’s Office: Security received a report that a student has passed out on the third floor of Hopkins Hall. Officers responded to find a student conscious and sitting on the bottom step of the south stairs that leads to the third floor. The student stated that she tripped near the top of the stairwell landing that leads to the third floor. One witness stated that the student had passed out for about one minute. Village Ambulance E.M.T’s evaluated the student and decided that she should go to the hospital for a follow up. She was transported to the Berkshire Medical Center at North Adams (BMC North).

4:22 p.m. Williams Hall: The Manager of Safety and Environmental Compliance expressed a concern for a student that he observed leaning out of a second story window. Officers responded to an F entry room and spoke with the student.

Thursday 2-12-15

10:52 p.m. Agard: Security received a noise complaint for the basement area. An officer found a small group in the basement that was drinking root beer and talking amongst one another. The music was not on and they were not very loud, but they did admit that shortly before the officer arrived they had been playing music. The officer informed the students of the complaint. They agreed to keep the volume down.

Friday 2-13-15

7:44 p.m. Hopkins Hall: Village Ambulance was dispatched for a student working as a student monitor for Security. The student was experiencing a lot of pain on the tip of his nose.

Saturday 2-14-15

2:32 a.m. Mission Park: Officers responded to the Dennett third floor bathroom for a report of an intoxicated student.  Dispatch activated 911 for Village Ambulance. The student was transported to Berkshire Medical Center North.

5:23 a.m. Thompson Memorial Chapel: An officer found two students sleeping in the Chapel while doing a routine check. The Chapel does not have occupancy certification for residential use. The officer turned on the lights and woke up the students. The students were identified and informed that they cannot sleep in the chapel.

Sunday 2-15-15

12:18 a.m. Woodbridge: Security received a complaint of a loud party. Officers found a small gathering of 10 students. They had a 30 pack of beer and were listening to loud music. All were seniors and 21 years old. They turned off the music and left for the night.

12:47 a.m. Morgan Hall: Officers responded to Morgan Hall second floor to do a welfare check on a male sleeping in the hallway. The caller said that the male may have been intoxicated. The student was identified, was woken up and told he could not sleep in the hallway.  He was able to answer questions such as his name, where he was and where he lived and was steady on his feet. An officer provided a safe escort to Fayerweather.  

1:39 a.m. Mission Park: 911 was activated for an unresponsive intoxicated student on the third floor of  Mills. Officers were unable to wake the student for several minutes, and when the student woke up, the student was unable to answer several basic questions. The student was transported to BMC North by Village Ambulance.

2:55 a.m. Spring Street: A student called Security to report that 911 had been activated for another student at a Spring St. apartment above Goff’s. Officers responded and arrived at the same time as Village Ambulance. WPD officers were already on site as well.