Two in 2000: Katie Aguila ’16 and Chris Stefanik ’16

Arjun Kakkar/Photo Editor
Arjun Kakkar/Photo Editor

Meet Katie Aguila ’16 and Chris Stefanik ’16. I sat down with the two of them in honor of Valentine’s Day to talk about their adorable, charming and only occasionally awkward relationship.

How did you guys first meet?

Chris: WOOLF  [Williams Outdoor Orientation for Living as First years] speed dating. That was definitely the first interaction.

Katie: Yeah, we had never talked before that, right? I had no idea who he was.

So it was a good conversation. What happened from there?

K: Then I didn’t talk to you for like another two months. So, just to lay it out for you, we met at WOOLF speed dating, didn’t talk for like another month, and then we saw each other at a party and said hi, didn’t talk to each other for like another couple of weeks, then … I don’t really know if you want me to go into the details …

C: Then we dated. Ok, so yeah, I went to my entry and told my whole entry, “There’s this really cool girl from speed dating. I’ve only met her there and at this party.” And they were like, “We need to make this happen.” And they set up –

K: So I can tell you how that went! So he went to his entry, and apparently they were rallying around him and were like, “Chris, this is going to happen, we’re going to make it happen for you.” So, I’m in the dining hall one day, and my entrymate comes up to me and asks, “What are you doing after this?” And I said, “Eh, nothing, really, what’s up?” She was being really weird and was like, “We should catch up; it’s been so long.” And I was like, “Yeah, for sure.” She said, “Ok, I need you to give me a time and a place, and I need us to not change that.” And I was like, “Ok… yeah.” So we said Wednesday, 8 p.m., Paresky. Turns out, she was talking to me on behalf of two of his entrymates who were talking on behalf of him. Am I allowed to say all this?

C: I’m not good with girls!

K: And then, the plan – you know, he’s a very cunning individual – was to casually orchestrate a meet-up in Paresky, where no one was supposed to know [Laughs.] that it was all on purpose, it was all a plan.

C: And she was sitting in Paresky for like an hour and a half, we were supposed to meet at eight …

K: I’d like to let you know that I went on time! And I knew. I wasn’t supposed to know that this was happening; I was supposed to just think that I was going to dinner with my friend and hanging out, and Chris was supposed to come by and be like, “Oh, what’s up! Didn’t see you there!” And then, you know, strike up a conversation, and date, was the plan. In that order. But, what ended up happening was that …

C: I walked around Paresky for an hour and a half, like circling, and I was like, “Can’t tell if that’s her…” And I would go back to my entrymates and be like, “You have to go out and make sure that’s her and check for me.” And then, they went out and confirmed, and I went out again and kept circling a little bit.

K: I would like to tell you that I saw him walk by, too, which was the funny part! I was like, “Do I, do I … ? I’m just going to sit here.” I didn’t tell him that I knew that this was planned. So, I’m just sitting there, and I see his little head bobbing, and I’m like, I’m pretty sure that’s him, I think that’s him. It was just super bizarre.

C: And then we talked for an hour in Paresky.

K: Yeah, then he finally came over and was like, “Hey, what’s up!”

C: And I was like, “We should hang out more…” And then we dated.

You guys have given each other some creative gifts, can you elaborate?

C: Yeah, Valentine’s Day last year was pretty fun. We still haven’t eaten [my gift] yet.

K: Actually, we have a plan for this Valentine’s Day, because we’re going to commemorate a year since Chris gave me chocolate covered bugs.

C: Silk worms, um … there were scorpions … and …

K: There was some other worm. Every once in a while, we’ll be like, “Tomorrow, we’re going to eat these!” And then we always back out.

C: We never do it.

K: No one wants to eat them. Why would I ever want to eat a chocolate covered scorpion?

C: This Valentine’s Day, it’s going to happen.

How has it been with both of you being JAs?

K: I kind of love it. My entry has taken it upon themselves to kind of be mean to Chris on behalf of me.

C: One calls me banana peppers.

K: One time, I told them this story –

C: If I ask for food somewhere and they don’t have what I want, and I don’t have a backup plan, I just get so rattled that I just order random things. So one time I ordered a small pizza, and I wanted whatever on it, and I don’t even like banana peppers, but I panicked because they ran out of smoked mozzarella or something, and I was like, “Uh, give me banana peppers instead,” and it was the worst pizza I’ve ever had.

K: Yeah, so I told them that story, and they just found it so endearing that now a few of them call you banana peppers.

C: And Christopher Jesus.

K: Yeah, Christopher Jesus has become a strangely popular nickname for you. [Laughs.] It’s because one time, my co, Matt [McNaughton ’16], was like, “What’s Chris’ middle name?” And I was like, “It starts with a J. Think of the most Catholic name you can think of.” And he was like, “Jesus?” I was like, “It’s Joseph, but really close, Matt!” So now, Matt calls him Christopher Jesus, and now more people in the entry call him Christopher Jesus. Matt will be like, “Oh, is the Jesus coming over?” And then we’ll be like, “Yeah, Jesus is coming.”

C: Meanwhile, Katie comes over to our entry, and she’s treated like a queen.

How did you guys meet each other’s parents?

K: I met Chris’ mom at Easter because I went to his house for Easter, and I met his dad before that, really early on. I was just sitting in his room and he was going home for Thanksgiving break, and his dad didn’t even know I existed, and then he just walks into this room, and there’s this girl sitting there, and I’m like, “Hello!” And I didn’t know he was coming either. And the way he met my parents for the first time was –

C: Bowling, right?

K: Well, yeah, the first time we all hung out was when we went bowling, which was really fun, but the first time before that was, it was just so funny, it was this time at Water Street Grill –

K: I was sitting outside and you had texted me, and I didn’t see your text. We weren’t dating yet.

C: This was the first day back sophomore year for WOOLF training.

K: And he just comes out was like, “Katie?”, and I was so panicked, I just jumped and was like, “Hello!” It was a group. So he comes out and says hello, and I give him a hug, and he’s like, “Hi, I’m Chris.”

C: And then Katie went inside and I stayed outside, we didn’t interact at all.And I was like, all these people don’t know who I am at all. So I was like, “Hi, I’m Chris, I work at the art museum. I am also a WOOLF leader.”

K: And my parents were like, “Oh, you’re Chris.” Because they had heard about him once before. And then when I came back to the table they were like, “Tell us about Chris,” and I was like, “Nope. Nope.” They were like, “Okay.”

K: It was so awkward.

C: So awkward. That just sums up our relationship.

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