Skiing speeds to fifth in Vermont

Skiing has continued to ski fast and place well over the past three carnivals of the season – University of Vermont, St. Michaels and Dartmouth.

The Ephs had a great showing at the Dartmouth Carnival in Craftsbury, Vt., placing fifth overall.

On Friday, men’s alpine placed fourth in the giant slalom. Christoph Lentz ’15 was the top finisher for Williams, skiing his first run in 60.70 and his second in 55.70 to place sixth. Two other Ephs joined Lentz in the top thirty: co-captain Victor Major ’15 placed 17th and co-captain Carson Houle ’15 placed 24th.

On the women’s side, the Ephs were led to a ninth-place finish by co-captain Sarah Cottrill ’15. Cottrill placed 25th for the day with a combined time of 2:02.71 seconds. Other top finishers for the Ephs included Gabrielle Markel ’17, who finished in 49th, Lara Lothrop ’18 and Payton Spencer ’18, who finished 50th and 55th, respectively.

Meanwhile on the cross-country trails, men’s Nordic brought the heat in a series of skate sprints. Jack Schrupp ’18 placed 24th and co-captain Will Wicherski ’15 placed 29th in the qualifying round before both eventually advanced to the quarterfinals. These two strong finishes helped the men to place fourth overall. The women were led by Hannah Benson ’17, who advanced to the heats after placing 23rd in the qualifying round. Benson eventually made it to the quarterfinal and finished 10th for college athletes. The women finished the day in sixth place.

Day Two of the Dartmouth Carnival welcomed the slalom race for the alpine team and the classic race for the Nordic. The men finished fifth in the slalom race, led once again by Lentz, who placed 11th after a first run 52.08 and speedy second run of 47.60. Other top finishers for the Ephs were Houle and Charles Harrison ’18.

Women’s alpine placed one spot better than the previous day, finishing eighth in the slalom race. Cottrill was the top finisher for the Ephs, flying down the slope to place 15th with a time of 1:50.06 seconds. The Ephs were also helped to eighth by Spencer and Megan Greiner ’18.

Men’s Nordic finished fourth in a 10k skate race, with four Ephs solidly breaking the top twenty. Wicherski was the first finisher for the Ephs, taking seventh with a time of 26:52.7. Eli Hoenig ’17 was not far behind in 11th. Schrupp followed Hoenig for a 12th-place finish and Jordan Fields ’17 was the final top twenty finisher for the Ephs, crossing the line in 17th.

Women’s Nordic finished sixth in the 10k on Saturday with three racers in the top twenty. Hannah Cole ’17 was the top finisher for the Ephs in 10th with a time of 32:17.8. She was joined by Benson in 12th and Mahlen in 14th.

“The 10k skate this weekend in Craftsbury showed the depth across both our mens and womens sides, with all of our scorers, the top three finishers, for both men and women placing in the top 15,” said Wicherski.

At the close of January, Williams put in a strong showing at the St. Michael’s Carnival where men’s alpine placed fifth in the giant slalom. The women placed eighth.

The same day, men’s Nordic finished fourth in the 10k race with four top twenty finishes and two top ten finishes. Hoenig led the Ephs, coming in an impressive fifth-place finish with a time of 32:19.9. Women’s nordic placed seventh in the 5k race and were led by Cole in 16th.

Men’s alpine placed fourth in the slalom the following day while the alpine women placed 10th.

The St. Michael’s Carnival shook up the Nordic routine by hosting a co-ed relay, with two men and two women on each team. Each team member skied around a 3k trail. Williams placed fourth with the two Eph relays both finishing in the top 10.

The University of Vermont hosted their carnival in Stowe, Vt. over the weekend of Jan. 23 and 24. Williams came in sixth overall.

Men’s alpine finished fifth in the giant slalom. Lentz led the team with an eighth place finish with a total time of 2:09.88. Women’s alpine finished seventh, led by Cottrill in 14th place.

Men’s Nordic finished fourth in a 10k. Fields was the top finisher for the Ephs, coming in 10th place with a time of 26:12.0. Wicherski was next, placing 17th. Hoenig and Rybkin followed in in 23rd and 29th, respectively. The women finished only two places behind the men, coming in sixth in the 5k race. Heidi Halvorsen ’18 and Benson finished within seconds of each other, coming in 17th and 18th place respectively.

Houle finished 16th in the slalom on Jan. 24. Williams had three others in the top 40. The men placed ninth overall and the women placed tenth.

Men’s Nordic finished in third place on Jan.24 in the 25k race. The Nordic women took sixth place in the 10k race, with four top twenty-five finishers.

“The rest of the season is looking awesome” Wicherski said. “Our team has been getting better every weekend and we are capable of great performances in the last two regular-season races. ”

This upcoming weekend the team will travel to Middlebury, Vt. for the Middlebury Carnival.

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