A fair playing field

We at the Record commend the International Club, MinCo and College Council for initiating a CC vote on the need-aware status of international admissions. We understand that the decision to make international admissions need-aware was made in light of the hit the College’s endowment took during the recession. However, since the endowment is back to its pre-recession level, we think that it’s time for the College to reevaluate this decision.

If the College does eventually make international admissions need-blind once again, we expect this move to draw a more socioeconomically diverse international base, furthering our institutional goal for diversity in the community. It will also bring the College up to speed with peer institutions like Amherst, which continue to practice need-blind admissions for international students.

While it has been argued that many international students can draw from a wider pool of options for their education, this has always been the case for some domestic applicants as well who have the option of cheaper in-state education. Along with a decision to bring back need-blind international admissions comes an affirmation of the principles that the College holds dear: Namely, that the education offered here is of the highest quality and should not be unavailable to anyone for financial reasons. Even if those financial restrictions are the result of an evaluation in the admissions office rather than the office of financial aid, they still run counter to our aims as an institution.

We at the Record also encourage the admissions office to continue its recruiting abroad at diverse secondary institutions. Increasing the diversity of our international students through the reinstatement of need-blind admissions is a net good, even if it requires an expansion of the financial aid budget. With the recession nearly behind us, we at the Record believe it’s time to move forward.

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