Letter to the Editor: Message from the manager

To the Editor:

I am finding the majority of Williams College students to be extraordinarily cooperative, cordial and responsible during the current Main Street paving project. When the pavement (and markings) were first stripped from Main Street, we suffered a spate of “no crosswalks must mean cross anywhere!” It is the nature of people, especially young people, to test limits. Somewhere along the line common sense, peer pressure, parental upbringing or faculty guidance brought to bear the inherent risks of limit testing.

This week students, staff and faculty have been crossing where the crosswalks “are.” Most drivers are observing our “virtual crosswalks,” although I occasionally have to activate my four-way flashers and wig-wags to remind oncoming operators, especially those from out of state. Students seem to be waving in acknowledgement more often than before. Many even scurry across the street, seeming to appreciate the extra care drivers are taking for their convenience and safety.

Safety demands that we respect and care for one another. Thank you all for doing so during the Main Street paving project.

Peter L. Fohlin

Town Manager

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