Captains’ Corner: Alan Felix ’15

Alan Felix '15
Alan Felix ’15

Alan Felix ’15


San Marino, Calif. 

Residence: Chadbourne

What’s your pre-game ritual?

If I have enough time I usually listen to “The Wall” by Pink Floyd  a couple hours before the game.  Closer to the game, I listen to whatever’s playing on the locker room speakers.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in your sport?

My sophomore year, about a quarter of the team shit their pants during practice. It was the day after Indian Night at Mission. Thankfully I ate at Paresky the night before but  seeing a dozen guys run up the hill to our old Cole Field locker room was priceless.

What’s your least favorite school to play at?

I hate playing at any Maine school.  The trip sucks.

What was an achievement in your sport that you feel proudest about?

As an [offensive] linemen it’s difficult to rack up achievements with statistics. What I’m most proud of though has been the fact that I’m a four-year starter and that I’ve played every offensive line position over the course of my career.

If you could play another sport at Williams, what would it be?

I‘d probably choose lacrosse. I’ve never played before but it looks mad chill.

What’s your favorite song to listen to at the gym?

No iPods are allowed with Coach Livingtone, but if I had to choose “Only Human” by At Vance.

Who’s your pro-athlete crush?

Easy. Holly Sonders.

What is your favorite road trip memory?

My favorite memory has to be after beating Hamilton this year when the entire bus rapped “Off the Leash” by Gucci Mane.

What’s your favorite snack before a game?

I actually don’t usually eat much before games.

What is the team tradition you value most?

My favorite team tradition is “the lap” we take as during our first few days as freshmen and on our last day of practice as seniors. It’s not a huge tradition, but to me it’s really meaningful.

Which professor would you most like to play against in your sport?

I would love to put [Professor of Mathematics] Frank Morgan in a helmet and shoulder pads and play against him. If how I did in his class is any indication of how he’d play, he’d kick my ass.

What’s your major?

I’m a math major.