New members elected to Staff Committee

The Williams Staff Committee (WSC) announced its new members on Oct. 14, who will serve two-year terms from 2014 to 2016.

The purpose of the WSC is to increase the visibility of non-faculty employees on campus and advance their role at the College. WSC advises and presents ideas to the senior administration and other committees on issues regarding the staff. The goal of the Committee is to identify more ways in which the staff can engage with each other, students and faculty in pursuits beneficial to the College. WSC is an elected body.

“The voting process begins with our seeking names for nominations via a combination of an online form, emails sent to and hand-written forms left in the wood WSC suggestion boxes that are around campus,” Lynn Melchiori, chair of the Staff Committee and a desktop systems specialist for the Office of Information Technology, said.

”We accept nominations only from the staff (all staff, including temps and part time). We advertised the nomination period through several Daily Messages and posters hung about campus and our committee member,” Melchiori said.

The new members are Michael Bak, float custodian; Gail Burda, executive assistant in the Dean of Faculty’s Office; Molly O’Brien unit manager for Dining Services; Nicole Prokop, head of access services for the College’s Libraries; Amanda Turner, computer science administrative assistant and Judi Willette, lead custodian. They will serve terms from 2014 to 2016.

“Once the nomination period ended we worked with the same voting software that the student groups use… BigPulse,” Melchiori said. “Unfortunately, once we had enough time to learn how to configure it and test it we discovered that it was not available to us because the students needed to use it and there is a license limit that would have been exceeded.  We were forced to scramble and use a less robust software for this year’s election, but now that we know that there is a specific time frame that BigPulse is available to us we will plan accordingly for future elections.”