Dining hall eliminates late night cereal option

Starting in mid-September, the dining hall stopped leaving cereal out in Whitman’s Dining Hall during late night. Cereal is now offered on the Lee Snack Bar menu.

“I believe it’s because, rather than eating cereal as part of the meal on site as intended, a large and growing number of students were packing it into paper cups to take for later consumption,” Steve Klass, vice president for campus life, said.

“To control that expensive loss, management made the decision to keep it available at night, but as a portion controlled menu item rather than leaving it sitting out,” Klass said.

According to Bob Volpi, director of dining services, it will take a few weeks to determine how much cereal the dining hall had been losing.  Volpi said that students should be required to swipe to enter Whitman’s Late Night, so  from his perspective, moving the location of the cereal was not intended to prevent students from taking it, but to create more cohesive snack bar menus.

“We realigned our operation so cereal options would be placed where the menu primarily serves breakfast foods, which is Lee’s Late Night. There were no cost savings associated with offering cereal options at Lee’s instead of snack bar,” Volpi said.

Volpi also explained that the availablity of cereal at Whitman’s was resulting in more students taking and not returning bowls and other reusable serviceware.

“Reusable serviceware is an important issue to us and a practice we really believe in here, but how do we continue to offer all we do without an effort on everyone’s part?” Volpi said.

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