Letter to the Editor: Staff deserve recognition, too

To the Editor:

Last week’s article, “Profs’ kids get college experience along with the comforts of home,” recognized the distinctive experiences of students whose parents teach at Williams. It is distressing that at the same time that the Record calls attention to students’ relationships with their faculty parents, it overlooks the presence of other parents who also contribute to the College. Even though the article featured a photograph of Evi Mahon ’18 with both of her parents, the caption only acknowledged her father, Professor James Mahon. The article failed to name Dr. Paula Consolini, Mahon’s mother, and to mention that Consolini also works at Williams, where she is Director of the Center for Learning in Action. So does Katie Swoap’s mother, Jennifer Swoap, Director of Elementary Outreach (who, ironically, was quoted in another article in last week’s paper, “College teams up with MCLA,” but not recognized as Katie’s mother). Such staff are worthy of recognition for their importance to Williams, as well as their importance to their families.

Annie Valk, Associate Director for Public Humanities at the Center for Learning in Action

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