Spring Street Blues 10-1-14

Monday 9-22-14

2:16 p.m., Towne Field House: Security received a report of a group of cyclists riding up and down the concrete anchors of the Towne Field House and doing tricks on the sidewalk area around vehicles in the parking lot. There were six to eight riders wearing black windbreakers. An officer approached one of the riders and the whole group fled.

3:09 p.m., Paresky: Security received a report that a group was on bikes doing tricks near the 1937 House.When officers arrived, several non-students did not want to be identified. Security called the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) and the six residents of Pittsfield were verbally posted from campus.

Tuesday 9-23-14

12:46 p.m., Sewall House: Security received a report of a foul smell. Custodial staff was contacted to address a spot on the carpet that was the source of the odor.

Wednesday 9-24-14

12:19 p.m., CTD: Security received a report of a student having a seizure and called 911.

5:33 p.m., Health Center: An ambulance was called for a student who had been involved in a bicycle accident. 911 was called. The student was then transported by Village Ambulance to Berkshire Medical Center (BMC).

8:30 p.m., Chapin Hall Drive near Chapin Hall: Officers responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident. Security notified WPD by dispatch.

Thursday 9-25-14

3:19 p.m., Dodd House: Security received a report of a student experiencing chest pain and numbness in his left arm. Officers called 911 and Village Ambulance transported the student to the BMC.

8:09 p.m., Security Office: Students went to Security to report a concern for a missing friend last seen heading into Hopkins Forest to hike around 2 p.m. Officers began a search and investigation, notifying WPD and College administrative personnel of the missing student. A short time later, the College received a call from Southern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) reporting they had the student and that he was ready to be transported back to campus. He had been stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction. A staff member from Hopkins Forest had transported him to SVMC.

Friday 9-26-14

11:23 p.m., Spencer House: An ambulance was called for an intoxicated student. The student was transported to BMC North by Village Ambulance.

Saturday 9-27-14

8:09 p.m., Mark Hopkins:  A student called Security to report another student was experiencing severe stomach pains. Officers called 911 and Village Ambulance responded and transported the student to BMC in Pittsfield.

11:53 p.m., Weston Team Support Building: Officers responded to a forced door alarm in 107. They found an unidentified male attempting to pick a lock on an interior door that leads into the training room. Security called the WPD. Two individuals, both students, were found in the equipment room. Security observed damage to several doors and door jambs caused by a screwdriver, which the individuals used in an attempt to break into interior rooms.

Sunday 9-28-14

12:03 a.m., Mission Park: Security received a report of a student having difficulty breathing. Officers called 911 and Village Ambulance transported the student to BMC North.

12:38 a.m., Greylock Hall: Students reported a disturbance concerning the behavior of one particular student at a Black Student Union event. Officers responded and provided mediation.