Captains’ Corner: Anna Spiers ’15

Anna Spiers '15
Anna Spiers ’15

Anna Spiers ’15

Women’s cross country 

Chester, Va.

Residence: Currier

What’s your major? 


What’s your pre-race ritual?  

My routines have morphed over the years, but I always make sure to wear a lucky sports bra.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in your sport? 

I guess it’d be one of the times I’ve peed during a race. Ironically, those are often my proudest races.

What’s your least favorite school to run at? 

Wesleyan, easily.  It has a really vertical hill that makes you lose all your momentum.

What was an achievement in your sport that you feel proudest about? 

When women’s XC placed 2nd at the NCAA Div. III National Championship last year and most of the team  drove 16 hours to cheer them on.

If you could play another sport at Williams, what would it be?  

Either crew or WUFA.

What is the team tradition you value most?  

Cow tights.

Which professor would you most like to play against in your sport?  

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jimmy Blair

What is the most attractive team at Williams? 

Women’s XC

What’s your favorite song to listen to at the gym?  

I don’t listen to music at the gym…

What’s your favorite snack 

before a race? 

PB & Banana

Who’s your pro athlete crush? 

Nick Symmonds

What is your favorite road trip memory?  

Driving out in a caravan to the NCAA Div. III National Championship  in Ohio the past two years and all the adventures, Chipotle stops, and speeding tickets that ensued.

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