Spring Street Food Fair disappoints in delays but delights in delicacies

Let me begin by saying that the 2nd annual Spring St. Food Fair wasn’t very “fair.” I mean, yes, as a gourmand and someone who has always had a long and amorous relationship with food, I can assure you that I did not go hungry nor did my taste buds suffer. My feet, however, are an entirely different story.

To envision the overcrowded mess that was the food fair, just picture the entirety of the Great Wall of China. Now, transpose that image onto Spring St. and, voilà, there you have it: a never-ending line of hungry students seemingly glued to the asphalt, an image all too unsavory for the occasion.

And then to further complicate matters, cue the rain – as if fair-goers needed another test of their patience. Too bad that those droplets of water couldn’t extinguish the rage that consumed every single person waiting in those lines.

What the fair lacked in weather and expediency, however, it made up for in its wide range of cuisines. Through the food options present, students could experience tastes of the world right from their own backyard in Williamstown.

At the fair, all kinds of food were offered on carts lining the street from top to bottom. Spice Root’s aromatic cooking made waiting in line to taste the vegetable curry and devour the savory naan exhilarating, rather than exasperating.

After paying for the Indian food with paper tickets (the fair’s currency for College students on a meal plan), students could wander over to the Sushi Thai cart and experience the flavor-filled Asian persuasion for themselves. If the wasabi packed too much heat for you at any point, all you had to do was open your mouth and catch some rain droplets on your tongue to cool you down: an unexpected bonus of the poor weather conditions.

Speaking of spicy, Tony’s Sombrero offered a zesty take on Mexican cuisine, for those who were bold enough to handle it. The classic combination of burritos, salsa, queso and especially the guac took the definition of delicioso to a whole new level. Taco ‘bout flavor town. After this meal, I never wanted to go back to Chipotle again.

For those food fair attendees who were not filled up guzzling down (multiple) burritos, Pappa Charlie’s offered killer hoagies, which were, much like their consumers, large and in-charge. Customers got to decide exactly what went in their subs, and going ham – literally – was encouraged.

Pera provided a welcome look into the cuisine of the Mediterranean, but it was Lickety Split that offered the most creative and tasty dinner option: dessert! Believe me when I say that Lickety Split did not and will not disappoint. You will want to do anything but split with this yummy treat once it’s in your mouth. With the shop’s fluffy ice cream and plethora of flavor options, each customer was guaranteed to leave its porch 10 times happier and healthier (okay, so maybe I lied about the healthier part). It was a legenDAIRY ride.

Tickets were abundant, so after indulging in treats both sweet and savory, most fairgoers were able to return to favorite stands for seconds (if they were willing to endure the lines once more). If you were wondering, this is probably the reason why most alumni say that college was the best four years of their lives. Sure, the parties were crazy and the all-nighters studying were even more fun, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about the joy of eating as much as you want, when you want.

To sum it up, although the lines may have been a bit overwhelming and tedious, if getting to devour some incredible food means waiting your turn, then so be it. It was worth the wait, the rain and, without a doubt, all of the calories that were gained in the process. Shout out to the new layer of insulation that we will all have to keep us warm during this upcoming winter and, hopefully, many more to come. Happy eats and long live the Spring St. Food Fair!