Starting Suspended Groceries

To the Editor:

Following up on the Record’s March 19 article (“Kinetic, Wild Oats create suspended grocery system”) and editorial (“Kinetic Promises Potential”) on the Suspended Groceries initiative that the members of the Kinetic group proposed and developed:

After some planning and testing in April, last week we formally launched the area’s first Suspended Groceries program. It features a rotating selection of primarily fresh products from throughout the market. At the moment the list includes broccoli, yogurt, eggs, hot soup, oatmeal and frozen berries.

Providing healthful food to the community is explicitly part of our mission, and we applaud the initiative shown by the Kinetic students in bringing this concept to area grocery stores and the work they have done to spread the word.

For those not familiar with Wild Oats Market, we are a consumer-owned cooperative grocery, café and bakery located on Main Street in Williamstown, less than a mile from Spring Street. Anyone can become a Wild Oats member, although you don’t need to be a member to shop. Similarly, anyone can suspend a grocery item, and anyone might at some time or another use a coupon to obtain a suspended item.


David Durfee ‘83

General Manager

Wild Oats Market

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