Commending basketball

To the Editor:

I had the sports experience of my life seeing the Williams men’s basketball team play in the Div. III Final Four in Salem, Virginia. It was a “thrill of victory, agony of defeat” 24 hours. Overwhelming Amherst, who was the defending champ and winner of eight in a row over the Ephs, was astonishing. We had lost three to the Jeffs this season and looked the lesser team, but when we came on the court that Friday night, there was look of cool and of taking care of business. All players, particularly the seniors, will savor that win for a lifetime. The loss in the championship was brutal. Going ahead with four seconds to go, we were unfocused for literally just a few seconds, and an opponent raced the court to put in the winning layup. I have tried to shake that off, and emphasizing that sweet win over our rival has helped.

I saw this team play five times in person and several times online. It was quite a ride. I got to know this team well. Retirement allows for such indulgence! I had a family feeling for these guys. Thanks and congratulations to Coach Maker and his stellar team.

Jim Barns ’69

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