Spring Street Blues (Apr. 21-Apr. 27)

Monday 4-21-14

11:05 a.m., Garfield: A fire safety inspector reported a call from a custodian about a burnt book found on the front porch. The book was ripped up and charred. The Fire Chief was notified and responded to check and determine if this was a reportable arson incident.

Tuesday 4-22-14

4:51 p.m., Cole Field House: 911 was called for a student injured diving for a frisbee. The student was complaining of severe pain from the neck, shoulder and collarbone. A college trainer was doing an evaluation when the student became dizzy and nauseated. Measures were taken to stabilize the shoulder and neck. EMTs back-boarded the student, then transported the student to the emergency room.

Wednesday 4-23-14

10:42 p.m., Mission Park: There was a fire alarm in Mills, caused by cooking.

Thursday 4-24-14

7:56 p.m., Mission Park: There was a noise complaint in Mills. About a dozen students were found with a small amount of unopened beer. They were informed of the noise complaint.

9:32 p.m., Lehman: There was a noise complaint. The caller stated there was loud music playing on the second floor. The second floor was quiet as well as the first and third floors. A small gathering was found in the basement listening to very loud music and slow dancing. The group was advised of the complaint. The music was turned off and the group dispersed.

Friday 4-25-14

3:10 p.m., Carter: There was a report of a student sunbathing on a ledge. No one was on the ledge when officers arrived. Security checked with the resident inside, but no one knew anything about this person.

8:46 p.m., Fayerweather: There was a complaint of a possible fire safety violation in the hallway. Officers found students surrounding a dresser in the hallway that they had taken out of a room and turned on its side to play drinking games. Officers advised the students that the area needed to be cleaned up and the furniture put back in the room. They were also advised of the possible fines should the furniture be moved into the hallway again.

11:14 p.m., Fayerweather: There was a complaint that students were running in and out of the building, between Fayerweather and East, every ten minutes. Upon arrival, Officers found a lot of broken glass from beer bottles in front of the north entrance to Fayerweather. The on-campus custodians responded for clean up. A small group in the basement and a group on the first floor were all advised of the complaint, and all agreed to quiet down.

Saturday 4-26-14

3:34 a.m., Sloan House (former President’s House): A staff member called with a report of

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windows being broken. Officers immediately responded. Upon arrival the witness said he thought the individual was still up on the porch. A college-aged male came down the stairs without a shirt, bleeding from his face and hands. He was intercepted. Because he was uncooperative and argumentative, Williamstown Police were called to respond. WPD Officers arrived, subdued and cuffed the male, who was still very defiant and refusing to enter the cruiser. Architectural Trades was called and responded to repair the damage.

7:40 p.m., Stetson-Sawyer Library: There was a report of students attempting to enter the building through the south entrance. Officers responded but had to leave for a medical emergency before doing a complete search. Upon return, all exteriors were found secure and nobody was found inside.

7:50 p.m., Poker Flats: A student called to report that he or she found a severely intoxicated student outside of the Poker A entry and brought him inside. 911 was called. EMTs responded but there were several individuals who were interfering with their attending to the student. Williamstown Police Department (WPD) was called. One student was transported to Southern Vermont Medical Center. One non-student was arrested.

Sunday 4-27-14

2:07 a.m., Morgan: There was a report of an unresponsive person in the third floor bathroom. Officers arrived and found a nude male in the toilet stall sitting on the ground. At this time 911 was activated. The individual woke up after several attempts. EMTs evaluated and did not see the need to transport.

5:03 p..m., Office of Security: A student came to the Campus Safety & Security office to report that his bike was stolen from the bike rack near Lansing Chapman Rink. A Stolen Article Report was taken and a copy of the report was faxed to the WPD.


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