Nappy captivates Baxter Hall

Nappy Roots delivered a crowd-pleasing, fun performance in Paresky on Saturday night. Christian Ruhl/ Photo Editor
Nappy Roots delivered a crowd-pleasing, fun performance in Paresky on Saturday night. Christian Ruhl/ Photo Editor

I’m as big of a Waka Flocka Flame fan as there can be (Disclaimer: I am not a big Waka Flocka Flame fan. I’m not really even sure what “Hard in Da Paint” is about.), but, to some extent, I was more eager this weekend to check out the second, noticeably less controversial half of ACE’s spring concert festivities, Nappy Roots’ performance in Baxter Hall on Saturday night. This might be due to the sheer number of people I encountered at the Waka Flocka concert on Thursday – which contributed to the inexplicable amount of pushing that I had to withstand just so I could cheer and feel included when he played “No Hands” – but it probably extended to the fact that, apparently unlike Waka Flocka, Nappy Roots had one song we can all rally around: “Good Day.” After all, who can argue with a song driven by a children’s chorus, a lyric that celebrates the virtues of free car washes and mentions of fried fish sandwiches with mustard, light bread, hot sauce and French fries? With this in mind (and, I assume, in most of the concert-goers minds), I headed to the concert in Paresky on Saturday night relatively happy for it to be the not-really-nostalgic last College concert in my illustrious academic career.

After a while of waiting, I was ready to bathe in the glory of “Good Day.” Nappy Roots arrived, played up the crowd with call-and-responses about being from Georgia (Note: I totally cheered at this point, despite the fact that I am neither from Georgia nor have I ever been there.), and launched into a set that far surpassed the expectations that I had set for the night. Yes, “Good Day” was played (noticeably without a full chorus of children, but I guess that’d have been hard to acquire), but the rest of the set drew from a Southern rap catalogue that was wildly enjoyable. It was the type of concert that you’d might expect from a band with an album titled The Pursuit of Nappyness, and proved to be an immense amount of fun. While “Good Day” still arguably received the warmest reception of the night, so too did their earlier hits, including “Awnaw.” Perhaps most important of all, however, I could get down with complete abandon, Paresky being absent of any of the general sweatiness and constant shoving present at Lasell two nights prior.

Ultimately, Nappy Roots was exactly the kind of concert desirable for a spring fling, and an especially good one for a band that did not “headline” the week. Nappy Roots offered a slice of Southern rap that, despite being a bit of an anomaly at a college where a cappella groups sing on top of mountains, provided an excellent end to the week. It was befitting of a group that had a day named after them in Kentucky, and a welcome return for a group that had performed at the College earlier in my time here. I cannot say that it was the same then as it was this weekend – I missed that concert, probably because I was doing something relatively boring in my entry that night – but, in the ratio of enjoyment received from music to shoves received while enjoying said music, Nappy Roots was a clear winner in the week. Plus, I could head to Mission Snack Bar afterwards. This was a “Good Day” indeed.

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