Spring Street Blues

Monday 4-14-14


10:59 a.m., Hopkins Hall: A student reported his or her wallet stolen sometime between 12:00 p.m on April 7 and the morning of April 8 The wallet was found in Sawyer Library last week and was returned without the money it originally held. A stolen article report was filled out and faxed to the Williamstown Police Department (WPD).


11:30 a.m., Wood: The facilities supervisor contacted Campus Safety and Security (Security) about the state the house was left in after a large party. The basement bathroom was covered in vomit including the toilet and shower stall. There was also evidence of hard liquor and lots of beer.  There were cups everywhere and the room was a complete mess.


11:40 a.m., Prospect: An officer was dispatched to look for a hookah pipe that may be being used to smoke marijuana.


3:56 p.m., Bronfman: Officers responded to a report of someone not feeling well. Upon arrival, officers had Dispatch call 911. The Village Ambulance responded and evaluated the student.


4:25 p.m., Hopkins Hall: There was a report of the theft of a bicycle from the bike rack between Paresky and Frosh Quad. A stolen article report was made and faxed to the WPD. At 5:15 p.m. the student called Security back to report the found bicycle was found over in Greylock Quad. Security notified WPD that the bicycle had been found.


Tuesday 4-15-14


3:36 a.m., Lehman: A student called Dispatch and reported that she woke up to find an unidentified male standing over her while she was sleeping. After speaking to the complainant, the male student that was in her room was identified and apprehended. The Director of Campus Safety and Dean of the College were notified.


Wednesday 4-16-14


9:45 p.m., Lasell: A student requested assistance in finding a watch in the bleachers. Security was unsuccessful in locating the watch. The student came into the Security Office to make out a statement and fill out a stolen article report that was faxed to WPD.


Friday 4-18-14


1:40 a.m., Mission Park: There was an Emergency Phone activation from the south with no one answering the other end. Upon arrival, there was no one in the area of the phone, but the gallery and common room areas were full of students because of Previews weekend.


7:57 p.m., Fayerweather: There was a report of a student with a possible concussion. Officers spoke with the student who complained of being very tired and nauseated. He said that he had some pain in his neck as well. 911 was called and Village Ambulance response and evaluation. The student was transported to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC).


 Saturday 4-19-14


12:53 p.m., Sage: A room had several forced door alarms. The on call Architectural Tradesman was called to work on the locking mechanism. He also reported that he found the door’s audible alarm box taped which was likely an attempt to muffle the sound of an audible alarm ringing.  He removed the tape from the audible alarm box.


1:05 p.m., Poker Flats: There were numerous forced door alarms. An officer found students grilling outside the door. He also found the door’s locking mechanism taped. No one claimed responsibility. They were advised of the fine involved if the was door tampered with again.


2:05 p.m., Cole Field: A college trainer called Dispatch to activate 911 for a softball player on Cole Field who may have sustained head and neck injuries. Her head and neck were stabilized and she was transported to Berkshire Medical Center by Village Ambulance.


8:48 p.m., Paresky: There was a 911 medical emergency concerning a student having an allergic reaction. The student didn’t have her EpiPen with her but wasn’t having a difficult time breathing and was feeling better at that time. EMTs evaluated and she signed the refusal for transportation to the emergency room.


9:45 p.m., Cole Field: Officers reported that they were checking on some suspicious activity in the woods near the river. Officers found several battery-operated Chinese lanterns, several bottles of juice and soda, a pack of red solo cups, various snacks, a very large Sony boom box and some blankets on the ground. The individuals were no longer around. The boom box was taken to the Security office for safekeeping.


10:46 p.m., Cole Field: An officer noticed an unusual amount of foot-traffic on Stetson Road heading in the direction of the area that was previously checked for suspicious activity. There was a small group of students listening to music. The group was advised that due to the safety concerns in that area (debris from the old dump) it was necessary for them to clean up and relocate to a safer area.


Sunday 4-20-14


1:35 a.m., Sage: There was a report of an intoxicated student. Upon arrival, officers found the student was intoxicated and visibly shaking from the chills. He also had a very rapid heart rate. The student was transported to SVMC.


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