Captains’ Corner: Lacey Hankin ’14

Lacey Hankin '14
Lacey Hankin ’14

Lacey Hankin ’14

Women’s Lacrosse 

Baltimore, Md.

Residence: Garfield


What’s your major?

Biology and history.


What’s your favorite snack before a game?

I usually go with a banana before the game, but I always start the day with eggs!


What is your least favorite school to play at?

Wesleyan – the turf there is old so it’s pretty rough on the body.


What was an achievement in your sport that you feel proudest about?

I think our recent come-from-behind victories have been my proudest moments in my lacrosse career – we were faced with no field and a crazy practice schedule at the beginning of the season and I don’t think anyone really knew how our season would turn out, so I think our recent success showed how much heart and determination we have played with this season.


What’s your most embarrassing moment in your sport?

Probably when I got hit in the eye sophomore year and had a black eye for about two months – I had to wear a really awkward full-face mask to practice.


Which professor would you most like to play against in your sport?

I think [Associate] Professor [of Biology Manuel] Morales could be fun to play against since I can definitely tell that he’s a very competitive person.


What is the team tradition you value most?

As cheesy as it is, I love that we sing the “Yard by Yard” fight song the day before all of our games. It really gets us all pumped for the game.


If you could play another sport at Williams, what would it be?

I used to play squash freshman year and still really enjoy the sport, so I would most likely want to stick with that.


Who’s your pro athlete crush?

I love Roger Federer, although I’m not sure it’s really a crush; I’m just a big fan!

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