We bought an inn

We at the Record commend the College’s recent decision to purchase the Williams Inn. The Williams Inn plays a major role in providing housing for people who visit campus, such as alumni, prospective students and families of current students. Seeing as the business bears the name of the College, it is vital that the College takes an active interest in maintaining the quality of the Inn, as well as the role it plays in campus functions. It is important to have a hotel near campus that represents the College and is attractive to potential visitors, and especially one that is up to the standards of peer institutions. By purchasing the business, the College can effectively work to improve its quality. The College should

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also be able to provide a better guarantee of financial stability for the Inn, and with the possibility of improvements in quality, the College may eventually profit from its investment.

We applaud the College’s attentiveness to its own working infrastructure, especially in looking towards the future and the ever-expanding possibility for improvement. This is certainly in the College’s best interest to have control over a vital aspect of campus function. We hope that the College will uphold its active and thoughtful concern in future developments, such as deliberating over the available options of converting or downsizing the space. We especially recommend the College keep in mind how the greater community can also benefit from decisions that already clearly profit the College.

Furthermore, the decision could be considered a precautionary measure. By purchasing the Inn, the College is able to preserve the space and role it plays on campus, and thus thwart any opportunity for any detrimental lapse. For example, the College was able to preserve current employment at the Inn, a factor that might not have been guaranteed otherwise.

We hope that the College carries on with similarly vigilant and operative deeds that result in as many advantages to as many people as possible, corresponding with as few negative impacts as possible, and that we work tirelessly towards the ultimate dream of an ever-more beautiful and harmonious institution with only the finest of rapports with surrounding community.

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  1. We like to own the town… we are glad we now own the American Legion, and most of Spring Street, now the Williams Inn- and later on almost every other property- in order to create a more harmonious community for Williams while we displace all the poor people… we shall have the finest rapport, with… ourselves.

    I mean after all, once you own the entire town, who is really left to be harmonious with?

    1. Yep. The purchase of the Williams Inn is totally displacing poor people. As is the purchase of commercial space on Spring Street and the American Legion building. Seriously, name one similar college purchase that is actually displacing poor people – right now, it really appears that you’re just spouting off absolute nonsense.

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