• Rick Berger

    Courage is speaking the truth to power, especially when truth makes power furious and nearly everyone around you begs favor and is polite to said power.

  • cc

    Bloomberg has a horrible record on civil liberties. Support for firearms bans and confiscation, stop and frisk, the smashing of lawful protest during occupy New York. Great to see this. The sad part is- there should be about 200 students with this man on the steps. Bloomberg is a horrible example of authoritative control, entitlement and non-inclusion. His gentrification policies/ stop and frisk policies have hurt turned Manhattan into a police state for rich people.

  • cc

    Answer- no. You are alone.

  • Dawood

    The power of conviction, it brings you to places to stand alone and remain steadfast in the face of isolation, even though others support your and know you’re correct! Keep soldiering on Mr Ansari, keep fighting the good fight!

  • Soul Sister

    Bilal Ansari is Williams as much as anyone else but Michael Bloomberg does not represent him and all the black and Muslim students at Williams at all. How sad that a man who has made such bigoted statements as Bloomberg has would be honored and asked to address the graduating class. If I were a student at Williams, white, black, brown, Christian, Muslim, Jew, athiest, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist–I would turn my back on Mr. Bloomberg’s speech during the whole of his time at the podium in silent protest. I would stand up and turn around. I would also let the president of the College know that I object.

  • Humanity

    Humanity is doing what is right and siding with that person. If said person is guilty of immoral acts and is not on the side of the right, are we to follow them? Are we supposed to honor that type of person? What message are we trying to send? Mayor Bloomberg was wrong in spying on Muslims. Spying is wrong. There is no evidence that even showed that it helped. Why else did that group disband?

  • Faatimah

    Bloomberg has done some good things for New York, but his track record for intolerance and discrimination in policy-making is obvious to those willing to look. There may be worse politicians out there, but there are definitely people better positioned for this honor.