WSO’s Stylish Overhaul

We at the Record applaud the students of Williams Students Online (WSO) for the coming upgrade to their website. While WSO is currently functional and widely used, it has minor bugs, such as the frequent inaccuracy of the weather application, and its design is outdated, rendering the website clunky and inconvenient. The Record believes that WSO’s upcoming updates are initiatives that will improve campus life, as they include an update of FacTrak, a new layout and the introduction of DormTrak, a course planner and an official mobile application, along with other new features.

We at the Record believe DormTrak will be especially helpful to first-years and sophomores during the upcoming room draw, as the new housing selection process will nearly quadruple the number of options available for students. DormTrak will ideally enable students to make informed decisions about housing, alleviating the stress of visiting each dorm and taking advantage of the first-hand experiences of the rooms’ current residents. The Record commends WSO for their innovative effort to provide students with these new resources, making another facet of campus

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Although an update of FacTrak will not be included in the April 12 launch, the Record supports WSO’s endeavor to improve this database. FacTrak is a valuable resource for many students, especially first-years, in considering which classes to take. Because many professors were concerned with outdated reviews on FacTrak, WSO plans to periodically remove comments older than five years after the update. The Record agrees with the claim that professors often improve in their teaching over time and should not be judged by reviews of their classes from when they were less experienced. We commend WSO’s collaboration with the faculty and suggest that WSO continue to look for further ways to engage more of the student body in publishing reviews of professors, painting a more comprehensive view of every professor.

We also look forward to the addition of a course planner, which would generate a schedule based on an input of classes. The Record commends WSO for filling a deficit of the PeopleSoft system and, again, making students’ lives easier.

WSO’s upcoming upgrade is one borne out of the desire to improve and convenience students, and for that the Record applauds WSO for its contributions to the College community.


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