Spring Street Blues (Mar. 10-Mar.16)

Monday 3-10-14

6:05 a.m., Faculty Club: There was an intrusion alarm. Staff were found on site, and they reported that there was no apparent cause but stated they found the lights were on downstairs. An officer had reported and documented turning off all the lights at a security check at 3:25 a.m. Officers checked the entire building and did not

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find anyone else in the building.

Tuesday 3-11-13

2:06 p.m., Mission Park: There was a fire alarm. It was caused by someone putting ashes from burning incense into the trash, consequentially igniting some paper.

6:49 p.m., Sawyer Library: There was a report of a leak in the basement. The leak was in the west stairwell basement level. It was leaking into a large trash bin that had been put there by Facilities for leaks. A work order was filled out for Facilities.

Wednesday 3-12-14

3:12 p.m., Paresky Center: A professor reported a burning odor in classroom 112. 911 was called and Safety and Environmental Compliance staff were notified. Officers responded to find the building’s audible alarm ringing with occupants leaving the building. The Williamstown Fire Department (WFD) assistant fire chief responded and checked the area as well. There was no odor or apparent cause found. WFD cleared the building for occupancy.

Thursday 3-13-14

1:20 p.m., Clark Hall: Transportation to the Health Center was requested for a student who was having difficulty breathing; 911 was called. The Village Ambulance E.M.T.s responded and evaluated the student. The student was released by

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Village Ambulance and Campus Safety and Security (Security), and was transported to the Health Center.

3:45 p.m., Towne Field House: Transport was requested for a student who sprained his ankle while using the climbing wall. Security transported the student to the Health Center.

Friday 3-14-14

8:49 a.m., While unlocking the paddle tennis courts an officer noticed a vehicle with an out-of-state plate and bags in the front seat. In the back there were two people sleeping in sleeping bags. They were identified and directed to the Office of Admission where they had a tour appointment.

12:03 p.m., A staff member reported hitting a parked car in the Lansing-Chapman Ice Rink lot. The owner of the other vehicle was identified and asked to respond to his vehicle. WPD was also notified and responded to fill out an accident report.

11:28 p.m, Brooks basement: There was a noise complaint. There were about 20 students listening to loud music in the basement area. The group was advised of the complaint and agreed to keep the music down.

11:52 p.m., Lehman basement: Someone called Security to report a noise complant. The basement area was empty but there were remnants of a party.

Saturday 3-15-14

12:27 a.m., Paresky: There was a report of an inebriated older male following students around campus. Officers found and followed the non-student out into Park St. and heading into Greylock Quad. WPD was notified.

10:14 p.m., Weston Field: Officers responded to a report of a possible fire at the Weston Field construction project site. Upon arrival there was an evident amber colored glow coming from the structure. WFD was called. The area was checked and it turned out that there was no fire. The cause of the glow was the light flashing from a heater being used to dry the cement.

Sunday 3-16-14

12:23 a.m., Mission Park: There was a report of odor due to people smoking just outside the building. Officers found students smoking marijuana. WPD was contacted to respond.

12:33 a.m., Officers responded to Thompson Hall because 911 was called due to a student falling down the stairs. The student was complaining of back pain and was transported to NARH by the Village Ambulance.

12:53 a.m., Williams Hall: There was a noise complaint. There were six students in a room being very loud, and they were told to quiet down.

3:08 a.m., Fayerweather Hall: There was a noise complaint. Officers spoke to residents of two different rooms and asked them both to turn down the music. Both parties agreed to do so.

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