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We at the Record believe that All Campus Entertainment (ACE) did a good job contracting an artist that fits within its original criteria for a popular College event. It understandably sought an affordable, desirable performer by surveying student opinion. Recent campus-wide discussions, however, have brought to light further crucial student concerns which were not initially considered. There are other criteria that affect the well-being of students, which may not be institutionally considered in the course of ACE event planning. In this circumstance, concerns were raised over the past week that Chance the Rapper might perform triggering lyrics. Because these concerns were not dealt with before ACE contracted Chance, the conversations of the past week and a half developed out of a need to address personal student concerns.

We at the Record believe that it is important to take student concerns about event content into consideration in the course of event planning. ACE invites student input. We believe that students need to be proactive in voicing what they believe are their criteria for an appropriate all-school event and that ACE should make a conscious effort to hold an inclusive dialogue about those personal concerns.

Ultimately, we at the Record feel that the decision to keep the artist’s identity a secret before the its recent announcement as Chance the Rapper, did more harm than good. We recommend that ACE promote active participation and increased transparency in

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choosing future concert acts.

We further recommend that ACE hold forums prior to final concert decisions for the explicit purpose of addressing possible student objections. While it is important for interested students to advocate on behalf of themselves, we also suggest that ACE proactively reach out to interest groups in the form of MinCo and its subgroups. ACE should also be aware, however, that there may be concerned parties outside of MinCo’s purview.

The campus as a whole should also consider what goes into having an acceptable artist on campus. We feel that it is ACE’s responsibility to consider factors beyond strict entertainment value of an artist when said artist comes to campus. While an artist’s popularity and price are important factors in the decision-making process, the emotions, opinions and dialogues that an artist may provoke should also be strongly considered.

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