Dining services releases meal plan data

Dining services recently released numbers for this semester’s meal plan totals. The College offers four standard meal plans and a separate meal option for off-campus and co-op students. The four standard plans offer 21, 14, 10 or five meals per week. The other option is a block of 50 meals for the entire semester.

1351 students are on the 21-meal plan, a decrease from last fall’s enrollment of 1474. However, the 1351 students make up approximately 72 percent of total enrollment, which is only a slight decrease from the 75 percent enrollment from the fall. “It’s wonderful to see the high percentage of 21-meal plans in terms of the range,” Steve Klass, vice president for Campus Life, said. “We’re down about 100 students, population-wise, from last semester

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but the arranging of things seems to track as it was last spring.”

For the 14-meal plan, 113 students registered, while 332 students signed up for the 10-meal plan. These numbers compare to 124 students and 284 students in the fall, respectively. While the number of students enrolled in the 14-meal plan stayed relatively the same, there was an increase in 48 students on the 10-meal plan.

There are 64 students on the five-meal plan, compared to the 55 from last semester. Rounding out the meal plan registration are the eight students who purchased 50 meals. This is a large decrease from the 31 students who were on the 50-block plan last semester.

“What’s great about [enrollment in the 21-meal plan] is that unlike a retail dining operation, which can adjust hours and labor and things based upon the amount of business they’re doing, we have to be open a certain number of hours and we have to be prepared to provide full service every minute we’re open,” Klass said. “The more 21-meal plans we have, the more students we have taking advantage of all we offer. I think it really fits into the way we’re shaped, because we’re designed to be working for the highest number of students we can. I think it’s great for community building because we’ve got more students in residential dining program. So many schools try so hard to make this happen, and here it seems to be a natural part of the way our community comes together around meals.”

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