Whitman’s Dining Hall stops serving Sunday brunch, serves lunch instead

Students enjoy the new opportunity on Sunday afternoons to eat lunch with limited breakfast options at Whitman’s Dining Hall. (Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Boley, Photo Editor)
Students enjoy the new opportunity on Sunday afternoons to eat lunch with limited breakfast options at Whitman’s Dining Hall. (Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Boley, Photo Editor)

On Feb. 19, Director of Dining Services Bob Volpi met with College Council (CC) to discuss upcoming changes and plans for dining halls at the College.

First, CC members tested a new brand of cereal, Mom’s Best Cereals. Mom’s Best is a family-owned company dedicated to providing natural foods. According to their website, their products “do not contain synthetic colors, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.” CC tested four types, including Mallow Oats, Toasted Cinnamon Squares, Honey Grahams and Sweetened Wheat-Fuls. The first three are meant to replace Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Switching to Mom’s Best will save the College $5,015.63 per year. “We will ask our Student Food Committee and CC for their input [on how to use this money],” Volpi said. “Savings can be used to support our Real Food Challenge or student jobs.” In a straw poll, CC unanimously voted in favor of Mom’s Best. Dining Services will now move to “bring in the four brands that were tested at CC this semester,” Volpi said.

“It’s so exciting to see that Dining [Services] continually tries to improve the options it provides to the student body,” CC co-president Adrian Castro ’14 said. “It was great to see everyone unanimously agree that this cereal stood to the taste test of everyone in the room. Many even said it was better, but I’ll let the cereal enthusiasts on campus determine that on their own.”

Other changes that were discussed included a possible date night in the Dennett Room at Mission Dining Hall. This would be a dinner meal meant to provide a romantic evening for couples. “Lovely linen, twinkle lights, flowers, soft music, votive candles and an upscale dessert treat will await the students,” Gayle Donohue of the Mission Dining Hall said.  Students will be able to make 6 p.m. reservations online on a first come, first serve basis.  Capacity for the event will be 24 guests. There will be a special menu including an “upscale meat entrée and vegetarian or vegan option,” Donohue said. Student workers will be trained as wait staff. The plan is for Date Night in the Dennett Room to open in mid-April of this semester with two Saturday dinners.

CC also asked Volpi about the recent change in meals at Paresky on Sundays, where lunch recently replaced the classic brunch option. Dining Services received comment cards that were both positive and negative, and they have decided to continue serving only lunch for now. They have, however, made changes to the menu for Sunday lunch in Paresky. “We have brought back the lunch menu and have added an egg item along with the waffle bar,” Volpi said. “Hopefully this will be a good compromise seeing that student opinion on this issue was divided.”

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  1. Is anyone else disturbed by this?

    They close two dining halls to save money, the least they could do is keep brand name cereal and not substitute with inferior cereal.

    Saving $5,000 is nothing in the grand scheme of things. That’s 2 cents per student per day. We’re not in a recession anymore. Give us normal cereal. Jesus! If they were so concerned about cost-cutting let’s start with how the number of administrators has grown b 20% in the last decade, while enrollment has remained virtually the same.

    Happy shapes brings only sadness.

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