Location, location, location

We at the Record would like to commend the College for its decision to renovate Weston Hall starting in fall 2014 and transfer the Office of Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid to the building by fall 2015. We believe this transition will benefit the College in many ways. It will certainly ease the visiting process for prospective students. First, prospective students and their families will now be able to find the Office of Admissions directly off of Route 2 without having to navigate through the more remote parts of campus. Parking is also much more available around Weston Hall than it was around Bascom House.

Further, it seems logical to place Admissions and Financial Aid in such close proximity, to help not only prospective students, but also current students and admissions and financial aid officers. As the College prides itself on its ability to provide generous financial aid packages, the future cohabitation of Admissions and Financial Aid will raise additional awareness of the affordability of the College to prospective students.

Prospective students will soon be able to attend an information session and meet with a financial aid officer without having to walk across campus. Students, especially first-years, will have an easier time finding the Office of Financial Aid if they need to visit because they will have most likely already visited Weston Hall for a tour or information session. Hopefully this proximity will also aid admissions and financial aid officers by allowing for increased communication both before and after admissions decisions are made.

In recent years, Weston Hall has become an unfortunate location for classes, with heat and noise from other classrooms providing a less than ideal learning space. The Record feels that the renovations will hopefully make this an enjoyable space for prospective students to learn about the College and for admissions and financial aid officers to work.

Finally, the Record would like to suggest that once Weston Hall is officially opened as the new home of the Office of Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid, the College look into turning Bascom House into student housing. With co-op housing becoming an increasingly popular option for seniors, we at the Record think that turning Bascom House into a co-op would be an efficient and highly appreciated use of the new space. We would like to advise against putting faculty offices or classes in Bascom House due to the distance between it and the center of campus.