Dzieciatko and Moszkowski prepare to assume CC leadership

On Saturday, Emily Dzieciatko ’15 and Erica Moszkowski ’15 won the College Council (CC) co-presidency after 818 votes were cast in an uncontested election. Editor-in-Chief Ben Eastburn ’15 sat down with Dzieciatko and Moszkowski to discuss their new positions in CC.

Why do you two want to be CC co-presidents?

Dzieciatko: We’re super excited to have an opportunity to be CC co-presidents. First off, we’re excited to have this opportunity together because we think that we complement each other due to our past experiences, whether that be on CC or socially, on different parts of campus life, so I think that we will have a good working relationship together.

Moszkowski: I guess this is more personal for me. I don’t want to speak for Emily, but for me being CC co-president is the ultimate way I can serve this community. Williams has given me so much in terms of just being here, being a part of this community, being involved, being engaged, and I want to help as many people do the same thing as possible. I’ve been so inspired by the leaders I’ve seen, the past CC co-presidents I’ve seen, and to be able to fill their shoes is a tremendous honor.

Since you’re so passionate about your new positions, what do you think about the uncontested elections, and what do you think they mean for CC in the new term?

Dzieciatko: It’s very atypical to have all of these uncontested positions. Erica and I wanted to have some competition. It would have been more exciting for us and nerve-wracking, but aside from that I think part of the root of these uncontested positions is how the vice president (VP) structures are set up. Some of the VP positions, like treasurer, have their own committee that they oversee, but we need to make sure that each VP actually works directly with more members of CC. That way, more people learn about the projects they are working on, and more people at the school will know what’s going on, so it won’t be just the VP working by himself or herself on these things. That kind of transparency about projects and getting more people excited is important.

Moszkowski: Having all these VP positions spreads out the people who are interested in running. So many people are dedicated to the activities and the clubs that CC helps facilitate, which is a really great thing. It’s not a bad thing that they don’t have time to think, “Oh, what if I ran for CC?” It just doesn’t occur to people. So I think it’s our job in the future to make sure that we’re relevant and excited and that people will want to run for CC…

Dzieciatko: …and want to make changes. We want them to see that we are a body that can make tangible changes on campus.

What student groups do you see playing a big role in how you approach CC this year?

Dzieciatko: One group that sticks out to me is Lehman Community Engagement and the new vision that it has. This year is a rebranding year for them, and I think that this is something that needs to be strengthened on campus. It’s just that we have so many communities in the area surrounding Williams and within Williams that students can very positively affect, whether they be here or through breakout trips or something like that. The leadership of, for instance, Lehman Council and different engagement groups on campus is doing a great job steering that in the right direction.

Moszkowski: We’re also really looking forward to working with the Minority Coalition (MinCo) on community matters. That’s an initiative that sort of got started this past year and we’re really looking forward to collaborating with them and bringing that forward.

What are some of the greatest issues facing students here right now?

Dzieciatko: We have around 300 club sports athletes, and something that they care a lot about is access to safety measures. We’re getting the administration to better understand their needs and be more equitable because there’s only so much that CC can do and our expertise is lacking in that area. That’s just one of the things that’s been on our radar and on CC’s radar especially with the new Weston Field being built and perhaps more actual space for these things.

Moszkowski: To take another tack and talk about another issue that faces students is housing, and that impacts everyone because until senior year, you’re in a dorm. We are still transitioning to this new housing system and so that does affect every single student, and I think that the new system has a lot of promise and it’s very exciting, but of course everyone will have to see how that goes. One of our goals is to help facilitate that process by putting up more information about the houses…

Dzieciatko: …different reviews, maps, etc. We’re going to start working with OSL soon, having more readily available things actually about the infrastructure, about the buildings and about the neighborhood leadership team system.

What do you think your dynamic will bring to the co-president positions?

Moszkowski: We really complement and balance each other in a lot of really good ways. Emily knows the funding better than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m just going to brag about how great Emily is. Emily got CC finances completely back in order, basically single-handedly. That is awesome and I’m super lucky that I get to work with Emily this whole year because I know that anything, funding-wise, we will have set.

Dzieciatko: And the treasurer transition will be smooth. I also think that we both focus on different parts of the student experience because of our backgrounds, so I think that’s also good. Also, come on, we’re two females. I think that’s a great thing.  I think that’s a great, new kind of energy in the room that, in and of itself, brings more excitement to the position and I can’t wait to show the campus what we can do.

Moszkowski: We’re both super dedicated to CC. We both love it and pour extra time into it. I think we both procrastinate by doing CC things.