A Chance to entertain

We at the Record commend All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) for its ability to procure Chance the Rapper for the College’s spring concert. Its efforts to maintain or even increase past years’ standards to contract a high-quality artist while providing students with free tickets, in addition to its responsiveness to students’ opinions, is praiseworthy.

We understand that ACE works with a limited amount of funding, but it still managed to secure an act that the students wanted, which is commendable. Chance was the most requested artist, and hip-hop/rap and pop were the two most requested genres on the survey that ACE sent out in the fall, to which 826 students responded. We at the Record commend ACE for responding to student interests and additionally applaud students for participating with such enthusiasm. The success of the survey this year sets a good precedent for ACE to move forward. Students now know that their opinions are taken into consideration and will likely respond again next year.

It is also fantastic that the concert will be free. In the past, there has been concern about the cost, especially from students who felt they could not attend due to high

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ticket prices. That ACE could not only get a fairly popular performer but also make the concert free is admirable.

Holding the concert in Lasell means fewer people will be able to attend; however, the space will more likely be filled to capacity. At last year’s spring concert, Towne Field House was relatively empty, which made for a less-than-ideal concert atmosphere. In addition, limiting attendance to College students allows for the spring concert to have a more student-specific environment compared to that of last year’s concert, which was open to the greater community.

One concern we have with the concert, however, is that it will once again be on a weekday. While we recognize that, in general, ACE is not given enough money to procure a famous artist on a weekend, we feel as though the date of the concert should be taken into account in the future. Since students at the College are typically very busy during the week, it might be preferable to get an artist who could perform on a weekend.

Overall, we at the Record think ACE has done an impressive job this year, especially given their budget constraints, and we hope they continue to be as responsive to students’ input in the future.

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