Student steals pizza van, police and driver chase suspect

On Feb. 8, a College student stole a Dominos pizza delivery van and was then chased by the police and pizza deliverymen.

At 1:30 a.m., a Dominos delivery driver drove to Morgan Hall to deliver a pizza to a student. While the driver was at the door, the student who ordered the pizza invited the driver to step in. While the driver was standing inside, another student ran down the stairs to where the car was running with the keys in the ignition.

The student proceeded to hop in the car and drive down Spring St. Another pizza driver from Village Pizza spotted the Dominos driver. This pizza driver picked up the Dominos driver and together went looking for the Dominos delivery van. The two drivers alerted the police, and the officer started driving in the other direction to chase down the student driving in the Dominos van.

The student driving the car popped a tire on Lab Campus Dr., so he got out of the car and started to run across campus. The two deliverymen saw the van and chased the student. They caught and pinned him to the ground. The deliveryman tried to call over two nearby Campus Safety and Security officers, but the guards did not notice the incident. While pinned down, the student hit one of the deliverymen in the groin. He then got up and ran away. The Dominos deliveryman believed the perpetrator was intoxicated while executing the crime.

A suspect has been identified, and the College has taken disciplinary action against this student. The student was identified through the work of the Police Department and the College’s Security Department.

“If probable cause can be established, then criminal charges could be filed,” Chief Kyle Johnson, of the Williamstown Police Department, said. While the College has pursued disciplinary action, no legal action by the police has been taken yet. “This was a crime of opportunity. Individuals need to safeguard themselves against being victims,” Johnson said. Johnson also warned against leaving a motor vehicle unsecured at any time. “Keys should never be left in an unsecured, unattended motor vehicle.”

“We are hoping this incident does not affect our business with the College,” the manager at the North Adams Dominos said. “We enjoy going over to the College, and we have stayed open later because Williams students asked us to. While it is a little concerning that somebody can do something like this, we are hoping it doesn’t affect things, but it will make us more cautious when making future visits to College dorms.” The Police Department would not make a statement on how delivery companies should interact with the College in the future: “We cannot speak as to how private companies run their business,” Johnson said.

“We really do like Williams College. I was afraid that the College would say that something would need to be different [based on this incident]. Our business hurts when you guys are away, but this incident does make us think twice,” the Dominos manager said. “We hope no incidents like this happen in the future. Dominos really does appreciate the business. We depend on the College to stay in business.”

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  • cc

    Student steals your van and you are all apologies because the college has a large population that orders pizza drunk late at night? The police chief appears to warn the victim? It is not like you would anticipate anyone stealing a car like that in Williamstown… but hey, this is Williams College where young adults can do whatever the hell they want, I guess.

    Drunk reckless driving and car theft are serious crimes. It must be nice to be so made of money that you can steal a van and have the people you stole from apologize. Talk about entitlement.

    The student should be expelled, and charged with a crime. Surreal. Only in Williamstown at Williams College. Had it been a townie stealing a college security van, you know damn well he’d be charged with a felony and sitting in jail.

    The double standard of the purple bubble continues.

  • ee

    Entitlement. Spoiled Williams kids think they can get away with anything and here the Williamstown Police Department lets them do just that. Since when is stealing a vehicle not a crime? If this happened with an MCLA student or any other person for that matter, they’d be arrested and they would be shamed all over local media. Certainly makes you think about what else those kids are doing on and around campus that the local police and campus security turn a blind eye to. Is this really the message that should be being sent to the community? That Williams college students can steal and damage property and get away with it without any repercussions? I would hope Williams College, the Williamstown Police Department and the town would hold themselves to a higher standard of common decency.

  • Anne Chovy

    What’s the problem? They got their car back in 30 minutes or less.

  • Jay Gorlenzo

    Why would a Williams student steal a pizza van? Think before you act! You can’t go anywhere in a pizza van! You had a college back there that was a good college and you could get a degree and a job from. Now you got a pizza van and nothing else. What you gonna do with a pizza van and no gas to go anywhere? The gas will run out and so will the pizza. Then what? Think first and you won’t be sorry later, pizza boy!

  • Alum

    Grand theft auto and DUI. Convict or cop a plea. And goodbye to Williams.

  • Grumpy old man

    Williams students and the college need to learn that actions have consequences in the real world. A stupid mistake can cost you your career or worse. Life is more like a chess match than a drunken party at Dodd House. If the college fails to make this student pay with a semester or 2 off, then they have done a disservice to the community. If this misconduct is a pattern, then a permanent transfer to Amhearst should be considered.

  • Ray Fortier

    The report says that he “hit one of the deliverymen in the groin.” How come none of the comments mention this? Where is this kid now? Is he still enrolled?

  • ’80s Alum

    Morgan is a Freshman dorm, right? Most Freshman are aged 17-19, right? How POSSIBLY could this young student be drunk? I don’t get it. The Log and PPub don’t serve to minors, right? You have to wear armbands at school parties to drink, and it’s a violation of the Code of Conduct to serve a minor from a legal party-keg, etc., right? The local liquor stores don’t sell booze to minors. So, assuming the College Deans did a fair investigation, why isn’t it announced that other folks are being written up for selling, serving or providing alcohol to minors? That’s against MA State Law, right? And HOW drunk? Had he run over my Frosh child in the Campus Lab Quad, would he or the Deans or the myopic Security Guards want to answer to me and MY friends. Funny thing about MA law, too: crimes of retaliation by fathers, friends of fathers, friends of the victim also have a “temporarily enraged first offense forgiveness” exception. I mean, you wouldn’t want to “ruin a Dad’s life” just because he killed the kid who killed or raped or gang-raped his kid, right? Right?

    Also: when I first saw this headline, I truly thought it was a left-over 4/1/2014 joke. Truly. Do these admitted Frosh really understand how prestigious and filled with tradition Williams College is? Wow. Sad. Right?

    Oh wait, maybe he was a 21 yr. old Frosh drinking legally and NOT legally drunk and just needed to speed down and make sure his BAUER hockey gear, that us donating alums likely paying for, was drying out in the Field House? Well, that’s reasonable, right Coach K.? Right?

    Here’s another phrase elder alums can gOOgle as they search up MILF Hunters: WTF?

  • Mike
    • Mike

      I know “Leather” will sound appealing to you. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish–spring for the “Ultimate”. You deserve it.