Spring Street Blues: Feb. 10-16

 Monday 2-10-14

10:04 a.m., Currier: There was a report of a strong burning odor in Currier, north entry first floor area.  Someone called 911, and officers found a coffee cup warm to the touch with the bottom plastic portion melted with a hole in it.  It appeared that this cup had been placed in a microwave but was labeled as not microwavable. The Fire Safety Inspector requested that Campus Safety and Security (Security) contact the owner of the room (not present) concerning several safety issues. Safety & Environmental Compliance confiscated the non- microwavable coffee cup.

3:11 p.m., Harper House: There was a panic alarm activation. A staff member unfamiliar with the alarm activated it.  The officer explained the different button functions to the staff person and the Security response for such activations.

Tuesday 2-11-14

3:58 p.m., Hopkins Hall: A student walked into Security with an injury. The student had struck his forehead on a wall in Schapiro Hall. An officer assisted by cleaning the cut and placed a bandage on the area. The student was then transported to the Health Center. The student was transported from the Health Center to North Adams Regional Hospital.

6:30 p.m., Jesup Hall: There was an intrusion alarm from the 3rd floor staff lounge area. The alarm was caused by the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) staff.

9:36 p.m., Jesup Hall: There was an intrusion alarm.  Officers responded and the problem room was in the basement area. A staff member was found on site.

11:30 p.m., Fitch House: There was a noise complaint.  There were four students listening to loud music, and they were advised of the complaint.  The music was turned down.

Wednesday 2-12-14

4:40 p.m., Hopkins Hall: A student came in to report the theft of a smart phone, a debit card, some cash and a Williams ID.  A Stolen Article Report and statement were filled out and the report was faxed to the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) immediately.

9:57 p.m.,  Hopkins Hall:  There was a stolen article report by a student concerning a cell phone having been lost or stolen from Sawyer or Baxter Hall in the Paresky Student Center on Feb. 11 around 5:30 p.m.

3:56 a.m., A WPD Officer notified Security of a student arrested earlier for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and vandalism. The driver drove onto Buxton School property and was involved with several accidents. The vehicle struck two, possibly three trees and drove over some lawn, a sculpture and eventually crashed into and through a foot bridge, destroying it. WPD reported no injuries. The vehicle was totaled and towed from the scene following the accident.

11:00 p.m., Garfield: There was a noise complaint, and 15 students in the basement were listening to music and talking loudly. They were advised of the complaint and agreed to keep the volume down.

Saturday 2-15-14

10:33 a.m., Jesup: There was a critical alarm from room B06, UPS 80 Bypass. Several OIT Network and Systems people were notified, as well as the on-call electrical tradesperson.

7:36 p.m., Mark Hopkins: A student returned to his room to find a wet, foul smelling substance all over his floor and bed. The odor smelled like urine.

9:14  p.m., Brooks House: Officers discovered Beirut activity in the Brooks Basement.

Sunday 2-16-14

2:30 a.m., Perry: There was a report of vomit outside of room three. Officers found a fairly large pile of vomit in the hallway. The evening custodians were called to clean up the bio-hazard.

3:08 a.m., Dodd House: There was a second floor noise complaint.  The officers found marijuana use, contacted WPD and issued a citation.

10:12 a.m., Chapin Hall: There was a student assisted and transported to NARH for a possible concussion.

10:44 p.m., Prospect: There was a noise complaint. Several students present in the room were, enjoying snacks, talking and laughing. There was no evidence of alcohol, also no music or TV. The students were advised of the complaint and they said they would keep it quiet.

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