Two in 2000: Antonio Dominguez ’14 and Ale Chavira ’14

Nathaniel Boley / Photo Editor
Nathaniel Boley / Photo Editor

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Record sat down this week with one of the College’s cutest couples: Antonio Dominguez ’14 and Ale Chavira ’14. The pair met the summer of 2010 at the Summer Sciences Program and have been together since November of that same year. We chatted with them in the Record office to uncover the secret to a long-lasting college relationship.

How did you two first meet? 

Dominguez (D): We did the Summer Science Program together. Ale kind of hated me when we first met because she thought I was mean to her. We were doing this survey thing. It was her turn to respond and she was taking forever. So I turned around and was like, “Are you going to say something or not? Just answer the question.” And she just gave me the dirtiest look.

Chavira (C): God, I was thinking about the answer! I just thought it was so aggressive. I didn’t even know his name and he was like, “Just answer!”

D: During the summer, I had a girlfriend from high school who ended up being, well, a psychopath.

C: She was nice.

D: When we broke up, she started a blog. It was just the meanest thing (and poorly written, too).

C: She misspelled “heart.” I mean, I don’t know how you do that.

D: It was all really mean and just didn’t make any sense. Something about how she wanted a prince, but got a frog, I don’t know. I was like, yo, we were only dating for three months. So, yeah, that ended.

How did you end up actually dating?

D: Ale and I eventually hit it off during the summer program.

C: Nah. Well, I mean, you know, it was meh. In all seriousness, we became good friends and then school started. I guess we just had the same crew from the Summer Sciences Program and we continued hanging out into the year, and eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend.

D: There was palpable tension. Sparks were flying – so much passion.

C: Nope. Not at all. That is so dramatic.

D: Well, that’s my perspective. I waited way too long, in other peoples’ opinions, to ask her to be my girlfriend. Then everyone was like, it’s about time. That was Nov. 5 of first year.

How did you tell Ale you loved her?

D: We were dating for less than a year, and I was at my birthday party.  And apparently I was screaming, “I want to tell her I love her!” And my friends were like “Why don’t you?” but I was very scared. So they told you the next day that I said that, right?

C: Oh yeah. [Laughs.]

D: Cat was out of the bag at that point. So I told her the next day. I was like…

C: [In a faux-manly voice,] “I have something to say…”

Any other romantic gestures?

C: He had wanted a glass boot for beer. That is what I gifted him for his birthday one year. He either lost or broke the first one, so I got him another one.When you have a glass boot of beer, people just magically gather.

D: It has been through hell though. It was stolen, then returned, then we had a party and it disappeared again. I am bootless for now. I don’t know why I wanted it. It was just super cool.

Have you guys ever done Halloween costumes as a couple? 

D: [Junior year] she was Darth Vader and I was Princess Leia. I wore the whole dress, with a slit up to my thigh. I went all out. I proposed we do Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker with our friends and she was like, okay but I am not being Princess Leia. So that was that.

So Antonio, you were a JA, but Ale, did you go abroad junior year?

C: I went to France. I was in Toulouse spring semester, learning French.

D: I was a mess. I was an emotional wreck when she left. Super depressed for two weeks, just because you see her every day and then she is just gone. My whole Williams world was just tilted. There was also this joke going around my entry: “Where did your girlfriend go?” “Toulouse.” “It must be a shame ‘Toulouse’ her.”

Did you do anything for her when she came back? 

D: When the semester was done and I went home, I was only there for 12 hours before hopping in my car to drive the 800 miles it is to go see her. I had never met her parents and stuff. Thirteen hours by yourself, though, is a lot of driving. You start talking to yourself.

That was your first time meeting her parents even though you are both from Texas?

D: Well, when we tell people we are both from there, they don’t realize how big Texas is. Our summers just never lined up. One of us was always working or doing something else. The universe just did not let it happen. The planets never aligned.

C: That is so dramatic.

How did meeting her family go? 

C: [Laughs.] They secretly dislike him.

D: I was so scared. I was super self- conscious about my Spanish because her family only speaks Spanish. What if I say the wrong thing? What if they just don’t like me? It all worked out though. Yeah, she also told her family that I had some type of mermaid experience, where I was drowning and saved by a mermaid. And they believed it because they were trying to be nice to me. Then her dad asked me if I was drunk at the time, so I panicked and said I don’t drink!

C: Yeah, it was weird. And my parents were trying to nod and be nice, and kept saying, “Interesting…interesting…”

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

D: Our spot is usually the sushi house in North Adams. Last year, when she was abroad, I sent her flowers and they never got there. It was supposed to surprise her.

C: He did it through a French company. I kept getting these phone calls and I had no idea what was going on. They were like, “When are you going to be home?” So the delivery man kept the flowers through the weekend and they just never got to me. He just kept them. It was a surprise getting those phone calls, I guess. It was the sentiment that counted.

Do you have any other tales from your time together?

C: Yo, can we talk about how your [first-years] hacked your Facebook?

D: [Laughs.] The one day I leave my phone in the common room. I get to the library and log on to my email, and my mom is like call me now! I am reaching for my phone, and I can’t find it, so I go back to the entry. And I have 20 missed calls from my mom and a bunch of texts saying “Congrats!” My frosh had uploaded an ultrasound of a baby, saying, “Antonio Junior is on the way #soblessed!” It was the hack of the century. Yeah, I was doing damage control all day.

C: And my mom has him on Facebook, so she was calling me too to make sure it was a joke.

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