College admits 237 for the Class of 2018 via early decision

The College offered admission to 237 students in the Class of 2018 under its early decision plan. This number is planned to account for 43 percent of the incoming class, whose target size will be around 550. The Office of Admission reviewed 554 early decision applications, which is a slight drop from last year’s 612.

The admitted students, 124 females and 113 males, represent many different schools and a variety of backgrounds from around the world. The most represented state in the Class of 2018 is New York, followed by Massachusetts and then California. A total of 15 international students were accepted in early decision process. The countries represented by these students include Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

American students of color comprise nearly one-third of the group, with 19 African Americans, 23 Asian Americans, 25 Latinos and two Native Americans. 13 students come from families in which neither parent has a four-year college degree. The College also matched with seven QuestBridge finalists. The QuestBridge program provides a full scholarship for outstanding students from low-income families. “We are extremely proud that we managed to bring together a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds,” Richard Nesbitt ’74, director of admissions, said. “The entire [Office of Admission] is proud of being able to bring a broad range of socio-economic background together in this year’s early decision group.”

Standardized test scores for the early decision accepted students are slightly higher than the averages from previous years. The average SAT scores for this year’s early decision students are 716 on Critical Reading, 713 on Math and 724 on Writing.

Among the early decision students are highly-regarded artists, athletes, musicians, actors and young men and women wishing to eventually pursue a science research or a non-science Ph.D. “I’m constantly amazed at the eclectic mix of talents. An incoming first-year might find he or she is rooming with a nationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist, an award-winning Hellenic dancer, or an accomplished improvisational comedian who also plays a varsity sport,” Nesbitt said in a College press release.

The Office of Admission is now starting the process of reviewing Regular Decision applications. Out of the expected six thousand applications, the College will offer admission to about 900 applicants. The decisions will be released by the end of March, and with two busy months still ahead, the Office of Admission is trying to form a student body that will benefit from all the academic and non-academic resources at the College.

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